Physician Survey


Physician Survey

Understanding the opinions and needs of your physicians is vital to an administrator. Gain insight from your medical professionals to develop higher satisfaction levels and better healthcare options. Reach out to physicians to know their personal interests and career plans.

  • Challenges and priorities

    To conduct a physician survey, you should first choose a group of physicians. Conduct the survey within the group to understand their opinions about healthcare trends, and what their personal interests and challenges are. Ask them if they are satisfied with their compensation and remuneration packages. Let them talk about their priorities and career plans. This information will help you stay informed of their issues and bring an overall improvement to your healthcare system.

  • Share and learn

    Your surveys should aim at helping your physicians share and learn from their peers. We can help you discover the most pressing issues they face at work and offer solutions about  how to tackle them. By encouraging them to share their strengths and weaknesses with their peers, they will be motivated to learn and grow. The group environment can also reinforce the value of clinical empathy. Being a good physician requires an understanding of people, not just science. Help them appreciate the significance of clinical empathy, and they will be able to help your patients heal easier and faster.

  • What to ask and what not to ask

    Knowing what and what not to ask in a survey is important. You can include topics, such as patient care, remuneration systems, health management, disaster management, medical care, urgent medical care, disease management, and so on. Avoid irrelevant questions. Your survey should be brief, but thorough. You may want to stress that all survey responses are confidential.

  • What does Zoho offer?

    Zoho Survey offers a vast collection of professionally-designed survey templates, and each template can be customized to suit your specific needs. Build your own survey, and get your responses sooner rather than later. Zoho's reporting tools can also help you consolidate and understand your responses, quickly and easily.