Organizational Culture Surveys


Organizational Culture Surveys

Assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Promote a happy and healthy work culture. Drive results and achieve your goals and objectives.

  • What is organizational culture?

    An organization's culture consists of the values, ethics, ideologies, attitudes, and practices that employees encounter everyday at work.  In other words, the culture represents the kind of work atmosphere the organization promotes. It is through the organizational culture that the employees feel as though they are one with the company, and will have an understanding of the workplace environment. The better the culture is, the better the employee satisfaction levels with the organization will be.

  • Culture and business

    Are your employees content with their work culture? Is there anything that troubles them at work? Send out an organizational culture survey today to discover if your workforce is happy with the company culture.

  • Know what to ask

    As you draft your survey, you'll want to be asking the right questions that are appropriate for your specific audience. Zoho Survey helps you know what you want to ask. Here are some important topics you can include in your culture survey questions:

  • Culture and survey

    Organizations frequently undergo change, and these changes can alter your employees' working conditions and behaviors. It is critical, however, that these changes do not affect your workforce or your business in unfavorable ways. Zoho's organizational culture surveys can help you find out which changes contribute to your work culture, and what your employee opinions and engagement levels are. Consider the changes your employees suggest and develop action plans that will enable your employees to achieve the optimum results you desire.