Organizational Climate Survey


Organizational Climate Survey

Motivate your employees. Retain them. Enhance their performance. All you need is a comfortable organizational work climate.

  • Climate: What is it?

    Organizational climate (or corporate climate) is the process of measuring the “culture” of an organization. It is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees, that is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee behavior." An office atmosphere should be comfortable and non-threatening, and your employees should feel at home as they interact with their co-workers. The rapport that higher management builds with the employees also matters when it comes to creating a positive work climate.

  • Culture and climate

    Organizational culture and climate are not the same, but they work in tandem to build a quality working environment. A good organizational culture develops when there is a when there is a well-defined, comfortable work climate. Is your work climate designed to enhance employee performance? Have you run a climate survey and asked your employees for their opinions ? If you let them tell you what they feel, you may gain some valuable insights. Your climate survey questions can include topics such as the values, attitudes, and behaviors that affect the organization as a whole. Gather feedback and identify actionable data for better harmony and higher productivity at your workplace.

  • Better climate, better business

    A good organizational climate is the key to a successful and happy team. Your organizational culture and climate can have a great impact on your business, too. Plan employee engagement programs  to help create a team of satisfied employees. Zoho's organizational climate surveys help you analyze organizational changes and focus on the needs of your workforce to facilitate business developments. The survey can also measure your organization's current policies and practices, and offer suggestions for improved employee satisfaction levels and reduced turnover.