Challenges faced by e-commerce retailers.

Improper segmentation

Categorizing customers based on unstructured or outdated data leads to ineffective marketing campaigns.

Irrelevant experiences

Retail shoppers may receive irrelevant product recommendations when sellers confuse personalization with segmentation.

Complicated shopping experience

Consumers may lose interest when catalog searches, product listings, and checkout processes are complex or time-consuming.

How we can help create a hyper-personalized shopping experience backed by rich consumer data


Understand customer behavior

Identify and understand consumers’ requirements, pain points, sentiments, and shopping behaviors. Define your customer base and segment it according to buying needs. Conduct behavioral surveys to understand shopping behavior better, drive discovery and engagement, and increase revenue.


Provide a quality web experience

Improve website experience through visually engaging designs that emphasize appealing aesthetics. Determine whether website sections, such as “recommendations” or “frequently purchased together,” are enticing to your customer base. A/B test campaigns and content on your website to discover which approach is most effective with your customers.


Get the “why” answered

Do you want to know why a shopper changed their mind before a purchase? Identify the exact reasons for exits, and use this information to reduce cart abandonment. Send out customer experience surveys that also remind shoppers about products they added to their carts. Identify their cause of abandonment by activating pop-up surveys at the right time and frequency to optimize conversions.


Create a positive CX

Use post-purchase surveys to ask questions about your customers’ recent experiences with your e-retail business. Identify what worked and what didn’t during checkout, and make constant improvements to the online shopping experience you provide by asking the right questions at the right touchpoints.


Build an intuitive product

Identify the best way to build your product. Ask your customers what they expect from the product and align those expectations with your business goals. Get your customer to review your products at the right time with product feedback surveys.


Provide seamless support

Customer support is one of the pillars of your business. Constantly improve your customer success strategy with efficient customer support feedback surveys. Send surveys to customers after each concern you resolve to gauge the efficiency and efficacy of your support operations.


Shipping and delivery

The ecommerce experience is only complete when the package safely reaches the customer. Identify the aspects of your shopping process which did or did not appeal to your customers and develop appropriate solutions with the help of shipping and delivery feedback.


Branding and marketing

Improve profitability by optimizing your return on ad spends (ROAS), and make strong marketing and branding decisions, using surveys specifically designed for marketing activities.

Increase your e-commerce sales with Zoho Survey

Cross-platform compatibility

Experience solutions that can be integrated with any platform for extensive market research and feedback collection.

Extensive rebranding

Choose your domain name and fully customize surveys according to your business needs.

Mobile friendly

Create mobile friendly surveys with high response rates in just a few clicks. Collect responses at any time from any location with QR codes.

Reward options

Improve response rates and engagement through our sophisticated wallet system that offers respondents enticing coupons/reward points.

Improved ROAS

Leverage your social footprint by identifying the specific media platforms that are most optimal for displaying your ads.

In-mail surveys

Improve response rates and engagement through our sophisticated wallet system that offers respondents enticing coupons/reward points.

Timely surveys

Gather user feedback and strengthen your customer connections by reaching out at different purchasing touchpoints. Collect feedback effectively using email triggers and pop-up surveys.

Personalized visuals

Create custom dashboards that allow you to understand feedback instantly. Analyze NPS trends for a more close-up view of customer perspective.

Powerful integrations

Gain access to an entire ecosystem of native integrations. Efficient, code-free integrations such as Zoho Commerce can take your research and feedback to the next level and help build business through an holistic approach.