Organizations Surveys

Online surveys help non profits raise awareness on their organizations, while saving a reasonable sum of money and time. Non profit organizations could seek comments from the public and volunteers on how to improve, and how to raise awareness and funds. Zoho's online surveys for non profit organizations help them reach higher standards and provide better service.

How Non Profits Can Make Use of Zoho Survey Effectively.

  • Ask for suggestions.

    When surveying public and volunteers, non profits would need suggestions. You could ask for ideas to raise awareness among people. It promotes collaborative growth.

  • Fulfill needs of volunteers.

    To ensure continued support from volunteers, you would have to fulfill their needs and wants. It motivates them to contribute to your events.

  • Encourage voluntary participation.

    A common problem non profits face is the lack of volunteers. A non profit organization could use online surveys to build voluntary associations, encouraging people to volunteer.

What Online Surveys Reveal to Non Profit Organizations.

  • Methods to grow organically.

    Online surveys reveal ideas to enlarge the organization in a cost-cutting and effective way. It helps non profit organizations to concentrate on the service they offer, and spread their message simultaneously.

  • Funds.

    Online surveys act as fundraisers for your organization. People might take part in your surveys and volunteer to extend whatever help they could offer.

  • Volunteers for events.

    Online surveys will gain you a lot of like-minded people in the form of volunteers. It helps as non profit organizations lean on volunteers.

  • Strategic advice.

    Those who contribute to surveys would be able to advise non profits on the impact of the strategies they undertake, and on how to convey their motives effectively.