Non-Profit Organizations Surveys

  • Tapping into surveys for funding

    With a surge in online donations through avenues like crowd-funding, the world has seen an unprecedented number of people coming together for common causes, making the world a better place. Tapping into this channel of funds is a matter of gauging the interests of your potential donors,  then focus your attention on those who express their interest. Zoho survey is the easy way to read the wants and needs of donors, seeking their views and opinions, and analyzing where your strongest proponents lie.

  • Surveys for event management ideas

    Fundraising events are the most effective ways of raising money, but you have to make it count. How do you connect with volunteers and garner support? A survey can prove handy here, providing inexpensive insights for your organization through an audit of potentially interested parties. Raise more funds than ever with a high-profile, well curated gala.

  • Market research surveys

    Giving your organization an identity is very important. Ask opinions of your potential supporters, and market yourself. Create a highly appealing brand that attracts people of all stripes. Ideas for logos, tag-lines, and creative content are all available through the valuable insights brought by well crafted and delivered surveys.

  • Feedback surveys

    Keeping donors, volunteers and supporters happy is the foundation of any successful organization, even more so when your entire function is tied to their good will. Use surveys to gauge the success of your events, and build your reputation for a quality event. The interactive feedback made available through surveys allows you to improve your organization and stay on top of fundraising activities, while keeping the lines of communication open with your benefactors.


Is Zoho survey right for you?

  • Listening pays off. Surveys provide information sourced directly from the constituents that matter most.. Create a survey, send it out, set a deadline, and let your audience tell you what they want. Use Zoho reports to gain complex insights and spot trends using survey results.


    Is Zoho Survey right for you? If you're looking for ways to boost your organization's efficiency and effectiveness, keep tabs on your organization, and to help it grow Zoho Survey is absolutely the best tool for you.