Non-profit Organizations Surveys

Online surveys help non profits raise awareness on their organizations, while saving a reasonable sum of money and time. Zoho's online surveys aims to help Non profit organizations reach higher standards; also leading them to better insights on raising awareness and funds.

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  • So let's get into the specifics. How does Zoho Survey help you?

  • Fund-raising or Fund-seeking Donors

    With a surge in online donations through avenues like crowd-funding, the world has seen an unprecedented number of people coming together for common causes and contributing towards making them a reality. Location is no longer an impediment. All you need to do to tap into this channel of funds, is simply create a survey with all the relevant questions to gauge potential donors' interest and zeal, and then focus your attention on those that express their interest. In that way, you can not only reach out to a large audience, you can also seek their views and opinions and more importantly, analyze where your strongest proponents lie. The benefit of an online survey is that it is out there on the internet, for everybody to share, garnering a reach far and wide among all facets of society.

  • Event Management Ideas

    Hosting events like fund-raisers, charity balls and the like, is the best way to delve into pockets of cash and at the same time connect with volunteers and garner support, but you also have to make them count. Why limit ideas to only those within your organisation? Why not ask your supporters and donors and perhaps even the random passer-by with a fleeting interest in your organisation, about what they think might be the best way to host your upcoming event? A survey can prove mighty handy here, for it is simple, quick and doesn't cost the taker any of his precious time or money. Most of all, you can converge on the most convenient venues, the most common activities and interests of your audience and in the process also build a database of contacts.

  • Market Research

    Giving your organisation an identity is very important. Ask opinions of your potential supporters, gain insights and market yourself. Align yourself in a way that appeals to all. Seek ideas for logos, tag-lines and creative content, all to your benefit. Can people identify with your brand? Does it convey your ideals and goals? Get all this done right, with a simply survey.

  • Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

    Keeping donors, volunteers and supporters happy is the foundation of any successful organisation, more so when your smooth running is tied to their good-will. Use surveys to gauge the success of your events. Are donors happy with the way their money is put to use? Would they like you to cover more issues? Do your supporters have faith in your management of funds? Are your proceedings transparent? Is there any way to improve your service or further your goals by effecting some change? More importantly, are your beneficiaries satisfied? What changes would they like? This interactive feedback is key to improving your organisation and staying on top, while keeping the lines of communication open with your benefactors and beneficiaries.

    At the same time, internally you would need to ensure your organisation has its feet planted firm. Surveys can be used to assess your organisation at a grassroot level in terms of policy and governance. Are volunteers happy with the administration? Do they have satisfactory incentives? Is the workplace on par with the expected standards? Are permanent employees satisfied with their compensation? Do the above affect the attrition rate? An analysis of the data derived from these responses would help gauge the satisfaction of volunteers and employees which in turn can change the way people are recruited, trained and managed.

  • In Conclusion

    Like they say, listening pays off. Unless there is a vast wealth of actionable data at your disposal, all the countless hours and the resources spent are futile. Surveys fill that hole, by not only providing that information, but by sourcing it directly from the concerned parties. Create a survey at your convenience, send it out, set a deadline and let your intended audience take the survey at their leisure, whether in the confines of their home or on the go or when simply unoccupied. Use our intelligent reporting and analytics to gain insights from the results of the survey and spot trends and correlations. Most of all, you now have that actionable data to proceed with.

    Running an NPO is not easy. But there are ways to boost your organisation's efficiency and effectiveness. Using an online survey tool is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your organisation and to help it grow. Zoho Survey can be tailored to assess and develop all aspects of an NPO, guaranteeing all round growth.