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Discover with surveys

  • Marketing is a fantastic blend of art and science. Parsing through mountains of hard data to create compelling copy and messaging campaigns can be impressively difficult, but well worth it. Every ounce of data that they can grab helps them obtain in an edge over the competition. Surveys are a primary source of such data, and are used for three purposes: tracking customer satisfaction, conducting market research, and measuring brand potential.


Track customer satisfaction

  • The relationship with your customers form the backbone of your organization. It is important that you maintain awareness of that relationship. Surveys are an invaluable tool to gain this insight.

  • Measuring customer loyalty

    A successful business is built on repeat customers. Loyal customers will openly extol the virtues of your brand to their friends. Measuring customer loyalty give you a complete picture about your customers and their preference for your products. Some surveys, like the Net Promoter Score, can really help you improve your brand's image over time, securing your customer base over a long term.

  • Customer service surveys

    Customer service surveys are concentrated on services provided to your customer rather than the product you are selling. Ensuring that your customers' experience with you is as smooth as possible is key to customer retention. These surveys show you where the bumps in your system are, enabling you to smooth them out. For example, customer touch points surveys give you an evaluation for each point of contact with your customers. These surveys are popular in service industries which depend on great service for survival.


Research your markets

  • Primary data on customers is highly valuable to marketers because even simple information like population demographics can help them better position their message. Market research surveys help collect such information. Variations of these surveys are also used to test out new products, concepts, and to receive feedback before a launch.


Measure your brand's potential

  • Marketers strive to build a great brand around their product. Your brand is a promise of quality and consistency to your customers, and it is important to stay updated on your public opinion. Surveys are an effective way to determine your brand's position in the market.

  • Brand awareness surveys

    Your brand identity gives you unique identifiers that the audience can use to relate to your band. For example, Nike is often associated exercise and achievement. Such an awareness and association is often brought about by your product's messaging across mass media. Surveys can help you discover how identifiable your brand's attributes are with your audience.

  • Brand loyalty surveys

    A sustained positive brand experience can result in customer loyalty. Brand loyal customers tend to go the extra mile to find your products as well as spread the word about your company. Use surveys to find out what your customers love most about your product as well as get in touch with them to gather their thoughts on future developments. Since brand loyalty is also connected to your brand's equity, you can use surveys as an indirect method to measure it.

  • Marketing surveys can help you get ahead by providing you with valuable information. Try out Zoho Survey, and let us know how you liked it.


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