Marketing a New Product


Marketing a New Product

Share the attributes of your new product with your customers and identify the potential demand and competition. Switch to Zoho Surveys for a market-based evaluation of your product to build confidence and launch your product successfully.

  • Surveys in new product marketing

    Surveys help marketers identify a new product's demand in the marketplace. It bridges the gap between your product and the customer, and helps set your product positioning and marketing strategies in place. Gain a clear idea on your potential market and customers before you invest too deeply in the product development. Use Zoho Surveys to measure demand for your product and craft an effective strategy.

  • Factors that influence new product marketing

    Many factors influence the success of a new product. They include:


    Product idea

    Work on your product idea. Document it, do research, make a prototype, and ask your potential customers for feedback. Our product feedback surveys and concept testing surveys will help you.

    Potential market

    Identify a primary market. Target your products towards specific needs and customers. When you know your customers, you will serve them better.


    Highlight the uses of your product with effective and innovative advertising. Keep an eye on product reviews from every source.


    Identify your customers thoughts about your product's pricing. Understand the value and worth of your product from an independent point-of-view.


    Save money and time by asking the right questions. Use Zoho's templates to save money and time.


    Measure the popularity of your product. Invest money after determining the market opportunities.


    Explain your products features, functionalities, and application to discover new opportunities. Find areas where you think there is more scope for your product.


    See where you stand against your competitors and show why your product is the best on the market.

    Social media

    Identify the best social media platforms to reach potential customers. Check out our social media surveys and to help you reach your target audience.

  • Need help? Zoho Surveys is there

    Understand your product market with Zoho Survey. Our wide range of survey templates is the solution for all your survey requirements.


    Zoho Survey has the following features:

    • Branding - Use appropriate branding to let your customers know that you care.
    • Response collection made easy - Choose from our different response collection options to reach your customers.
    • Reports in real-time - Collect customer response reports in real-time with the help of our advanced reporting tools.


    Achieve long-term success in the product market by identifying the demands with market research and focus group discussions.

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