When you want to define how your respondents will move through the questions. Using their answers, you can route them to a different page or hide irrelevant questions altogether. This helps shorten the survey for respondents who do not fit your criteria. 


Page Logic

When you want to skip pages and send your users to a different page. Read more about page logic and how it works.


Question Logic

When you want to set question conditions and take your users to the next relevant question based on the condition. These question types do not support logic application:

  • Ranking
  • Multiple Lines
  • Matrix Choice (Radio Button)
  • Matrix Choice (Checkbox)
  • Matrix Rating Scale
  • Matrix Star Rating
  • Matrix Dropdown
  • File Upload
  • Text Field (Heading/Description)
  • Signature
  • Slider
  • Image Type
  • Copy from Existing Survey


Survey Disqualification Logic

When you want to identify respondents who fit your specific criteria. You can also filter your reports and choose to view only qualifying responses.

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