Human Resources Surveys

The HR team of every company uses surveys to evaluate progress of employees and reward them accordingly. Zoho's human resources survey templates help HR teams to interact with employees and to know their opinions, thereby building a better workplace. HR teams survey employees to evaluate performances of peers, supervisors, team and management.

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Effective Ways to Use HR Surveys.

  • How are the employees doing?

    The HR team of any company would want to evaluate the progress of employees. Employees could be surveyed on peers, subordinates and supervisors. It is essential to evaluate employees to reward them accordingly.

  • Why do employees leave the company?

    All companies look to retain good employees. When such employees opt to quit the company, the HR team could survey them to understand their reasons and thoughts.

  • How is the management doing, from employee perspective?

    To correctly measure and improve the management's growth, business owners should survey employees to gain a different and better perspective.

  • How well does the HR team organize events?

    Whenever the HR team organizes events, they could survey employees and understand employee needs and feedback.

  • How are the team efforts?

    HR teams look to build better workplaces. Therefore, they would have to evaluate team efforts to reward and encourage teams to work as one.

Outcomes of HR Surveys.

  • Complete understanding of employees, management and supervisors.

    With these surveys, HR teams understand everyone in the company. It promotes co-ordination and helps cater to needs of employees.

  • Appropriate advice to employees.

    These surveys will reflect employees' honest thoughts on subordinates or supervisors; thoughts they might not be able to convey in person. Employers could use this opportunity to convey the comments and advice employees appropriately.

  • Employees' contentment with the company.

    HR surveys reveal satisfaction levels of employees. They might have valuable suggestions that could help strengthen relations between management and employees.