How Zoho uses Zoho Survey!

From unearthing invaluable data insights to streamlining internal processes, Zoho Survey becomes the catalyst for innovation and growth. Get ready to be inspired, as Zoho Survey takes center stage in this thrilling saga of creativity and excellence.

How Zoho uses Zoho Survey!

Zoho Survey takes center stage in these inspiring stories of creativity and excellence.

Uma Maheswari Watch Video

“When we started exploring Zoho Survey, we were amazed and to be honest 2020’s recruitment would not have been possible without Zoho Survey”

Uma Maheswari Head, Zoho School of Technology, Chennai.
Uma Maheswari Watch Video

“One word to describe about Zoho Survey, INSIGHTFUL.”

Geetha Satish Kumar Head of Events, Zoho
Sukumar Kothandapani Watch Video

“Zoho Survey proved to be a perfect solution for survey needs of Zoho Community.”

Sukumar Kothandapani Community Strategist, Zoho Community
 Gayathri V Watch Video

“Survey team helped us a lot for conducting L1 test process and even till date, we use Zoho Survey for conducting level one processes.”

Gayathri V Associate - HR, Zoho
Nandini Watch Video

“It is been two months since the commencement of NALAM and it was only possible because of Zoho Survey. Thank you Zoho Survey for making Nalam possible for all of us!”

Nandini J Consulting Psychologist, Zoho
Keerthi Varshini Watch Video

“Zoho Survey has never let us down.Zoho Survey makes it easy for us, because it helps us to choose the right type of survey for our objective and also select the right questions.”

Keerthi Varshini Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise Marketing, Zoho