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Integrating surveys with Zoho CRM helps synchronize all your survey responses within your CRM modules automatically. You can add survey links in CRM email templates and view the responses from your leads and contacts within Zoho CRM. You can also add and update records in CRM modules as soon as the survey responses are submitted in Zoho Survey.

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How do I...

How do I configure the integration?

  1. Log on to Zoho CRM.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Create online surveys
  3. In the Marketplace section, select Zoho, find Zoho Survey, and click Setup now
    Set up Zoho CRM & Zoho Survey integration
  4. Click Get Started Now
    Get started with Zoho CRM integration
  5. Click Please configure your current account if you already have an account with Zoho Survey.
    Configure an account with Zoho CRM
  • To use the surveys only from this account, select Use all surveys from this account. Otherwise, uncheck this option and select the departments instead. 
  • To transfer administrator privileges from Zoho Survey to the Zoho CRM integration, select Add all the users with administrator privilege in Zoho Survey. Otherwise, uncheck this option and select individual users. 
  1. Click Configure another user account if needed.
    1. Type the ZSC Key.
    2. Type in the new users' email addresses. If you want to provide administrator privileges to a selected set of users, uncheck this selection, and select the users from the list.
  2. Click Submit.


How do I integrate my survey with Zoho CRM?

  1. Click Integrate in the Zoho CRM section of the Integrations tab. Make sure you have an account in Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM so you can configure the sync settings.
    Zoho Survey integration with Zoho CRM
  2. Select a CRM module. 
    Select a Zoho CRM module
  3. Click Next
  4. Select an appropriate action type. There are three ways to sync responses with Zoho CRM: add record, update record, add/update record. After selecting an action type, you can map the fields of your survey to Zoho CRM and start transferring data from survey responses to Zoho CRM. 
    Select a synchronization type
  • Add record: Add a new record for each response even if there are duplicate records.
  • Update record: Update an existing record in CRM. If you send your survey through Zoho CRM, enable Prepopulate survey answers with information from Zoho CRM. When a respondent opens the survey, the details from Zoho CRM will be shown and will have an Edit option. For example, if the user's name and email address are already available in Zoho CRM, they will be displayed in the survey.
  • Add/Update record: Check for existing records in Zoho CRM. If existing records are available, they will be updated. If there is no such record, the survey responses will be created as a new record.
  1. Map Zoho CRM fields to the corresponding Zoho Survey questions.  Map fields in Zoho Survey with Zoho CRM
    • Under Zoho Survey, click the dropdown and select the questions that will map to a CRM field. 
    • Select the corresponding field name under Zoho CRM.
    • To add direct values to your CRM field, select Direct value under Zoho Survey. Type in the corresponding value. If you don't have a suitable CRM field already, create a custom field in Zoho CRM and then map the field to the question.
    • Click + to add a new row.
    • Click X to remove a row.
  2. If you have a Signature or File Upload question in your survey, it will appear under Attachment. Select the question in this section to add files to the CRM records.
  3. Click Save.



  • If a survey is integrated with Zoho CRM before publishing, all of the responses will be synced automatically. If it's integrated after publishing, only the responses received after the integration will be synced. Update previous responses manually.
  • To manage your CRM and Survey as two different accounts, use a ZSC Key to communicate between the accounts.


How do I check the status of my integration?

  1. Click CRM Sync Status in the upper-right corner of the section. View the synchronization status
  • Successful: Responses that have been successfully integrated to CRM.
  • Untried: Responses that haven't been pushed to CRM.
  • Failed: Responses that failed to sync with CRM.
  1. Push the responses to Zoho CRM.
  • Sync all responses at once: Click Sync All.
  • Edit a response: Hover over the response and click Create online surveys.
  • View a response: Hover over the response and click Create online surveys.
  • Sync responses individually: Hover over each response and click Create online surveys.
  • Delete a response: Hover over the response and click Create online surveys.


Note: The sync status shows when the response was submitted and the IP address from which it was submitted. Corresponding records will be created in the Zoho CRM module you selected during the integration.


How do I view the responses and reports in CRM?

  1. After integrating survey responses with a module, click the module you selected during the integration on the Zoho CRM page. You can view survey responses synced in its records. For example, if you integrated the Leads module into your survey, click the Leads module. 
    Zoho CRM integration leads module
  2. Select a record to go to the Records Details page. 
    View Zoho CRM integration record details page

Note: The details of all the email surveys sent to the lead/contact are displayed in the Zoho Survey section. The Sent By column and Source column show if the campaign has been sent from Zoho CRM via Individual/Mass Email/Workflow Alert or from Zoho Campaigns.

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How do I send surveys from within CRM?

You can now send surveys from within your CRM module. 

Send a survey from Zoho CRM

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Send survey templates in Zoho CRM


How do I attend a survey on a customer's behalf in CRM?

You can now attend a survey on your customer's behalf. 

Take survey from Zoho CRM

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Take survey on customer's behalf in Zoho CRM


How do I automate the whole process?

You can automate the whole process of updating CRM data with Survey responses.

Read here to learn how to do this.


How do I remove an integration?

  1. Click Edit in the Zoho CRM section of the Integrations tab.
  2. Click Remove Integration.
  3. Click Remove.
    Remove Zoho CRM integration

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