The user info widget enables you to manage departments, user accounts, and plan details. There are quick access links to various sections, and links to download the mobile apps right from within the widget. You can configure your survey's live form URL by mapping it with your domain and connect with Zoho CRM, Google Sheets, and Facebook.


How do I get there?

Click the top-right corner of the Zoho Survey home page to access the user info widget.

User info widget in Zoho Survey

Table of Contents


Departments and User Accounts

Departments, or groups, are specifically designed for teams. Departments help your teams collaborate on surveys. With Zoho Survey, you can create and maintain departments and user accounts, and share surveys and reports with the organization members. You can view the users, you add to your department, neatly arranged and grouped based on the organizations they're a part of. Please note, however, that these are features that are exclusive to Enterprise customers.  

You can invite members to your department and potentially change their role to Vendor later. Members can view and edit every survey created within a portal. However, vendors can only view and edit the surveys they create. 

Manage Department

How do I...


How do I create a new department?

  1. Click Create a New Department.
  2. Type a name for your department in the Department name box.
  3. Type the email addresses of the users in the Add User box. Separate the email addresses with commas or type one address per line.
  4. Click Create. Make sure that your invitees have a Zoho account. Users will be added when they accept the invitation. You can view the status of your invitations on this page at any time.
    Create New Department


How do I make edits to the department properties?

  1. To edit the name of the department, hover over the name of the department and click Create online surveys.
  2. Make the necessary changes and click SaveCreate online surveys.


How do I delete a department?

To delete the name of the department, hover over the name of the department, and click Create online surveys.


How do I add more users to my department?

  1. Click Add User.
    Add user to department
  2. Type the email addresses of the users in the Add Users box. Separate the email addresses with commas or type one address per line.
  3. Click Save. A notification will be shown when users are added successfully.


How do I change the role of a user?

Click the dropdown in the Role section next to each email address and select Vendor or Member.

  • Members have the permission to create surveys and can view surveys available in the same department.
  • Vendors have access to create surveys, but they cannot view the survey created by other users.

Change role of a user


How do I deactivate a user account?

To deactivate someone from your portal, click the dropdown in the Status section next to the email address and select Inactive. An inactive user can't access your department.

Deactivate user account


White Label

A white label survey allows you to have your brand name on your surveys, without having a Zoho Survey logo anywhere on the questionnaire. Essentially, it lets you distribute surveys from your sub-domain. 


How do I set up a custom domain or change favicon?

The Domain Mapping feature enables you to publish the survey from the URL that belongs to your own sub-domain. For example, if your company is XYZ Corp., and you're mapping your domain with Zoho Survey, your customers can access your Survey portal at https://survey.xyzcorp/zs/ instead of You could even change the default favion from Zoho Survey to any that you prefer.

Here are the steps you need to take to setup your custom domain and favicon.

  1. Click White Label.

Domain Mapping in Zoho Survey with favicon

  1. Enter you subdomain in the format in the textbox provided.
  2. If you'd like to customize the favicon of your survey, provide the URL in the Add a favicon textbox.
  3. Click Save.


There are a few things that you need to do in your admin portal with the domain registrar.

  1. Sign in to your domain registrar's control panel.
  2. Access the DNS Management Settings to change the DNS records. If you can't locate DNS Management, look for options such as Advanced Settings or Name Server Management.
  3. Create a CNAME (or Canonical Name) entry from your sub-domain's admin portal.
  4. Enter the host name and point it to Changes to the DNS system are not immediate; it may take some time for them to take effect. Also, purchasing SSL certificate is mandatory to make the domain changes live.
  5. Contact Zoho Survey Support to purchase the SSL certificate for your sub-domain free of cost. SSL certificate will be renewed for the CNAME entry pointed during your initial purchase. SSL certificates purchased from third-party vendors cannot be installed in Zoho Survey. When the SSL certificate is purchased for your sub-domain, you can try accessing the custom domain link available in the Launch tab of your survey. Remember to make sure your website is live at the moment we try to access the survey link. 


How do I change a custom domain or its favicon?

  • Click Edit to make edits to the custom domain name and favicon URL.
  • Click Remove to remove the custom domain and favicon you have created.
    Edit or Remove domain mapping


You have now configured your sub-domain for Zoho Survey.

To send surveys from this particular domain address, go to the Launch tab and distribute your survey via the Custom Domain web link that has been generated.

Setup custom domain in Zoho Survey

Integration Setup

You can manage various integrations with Zoho in this section of Setup.



Zoho Service Communication Key, or ZSC Key, can be used to communicate between various Zoho accounts. 

How do I...


How do I generate a ZSC Key?

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click ZSC Key in the Account Management section.
  3. Click Generate ZSC Key.
    ZSC key setup

Your email address will be displayed along with the key. If you regenerate the ZSC key, the old one will be deleted automatically.


How do I regenerate a ZSC Key?

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click ZSC Key in the Account Management section.
  3. Click Regenerate ZSC Key.
    Regenerate ZSC key


Apps and Services

You can view the status of your integrations with Google and Facebook here. You can also disconnect or connect to your integrations.

Zoho integration with apps and services

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