Question Editor

Add logic and pre-populate answers for known respondents in the questions editor and make your survey look sleek.

Auto fill

Auto fill feature allows you to pre-populate single variable survey responses automatically before sending it to respondents.

The variables could be defined as a URL parameter or Initial values in the question editor.
URL parameters are variables which differ for individual respondents, whereas Initial values are used when the variables are common for all the respondents.
This feature also enables respondents to change the entry made by the survey author, in case of any mismatch.

How it works:

Here's how Auto fill works: Your survey has a question that requires the respondent to fill out their name. Here, the name is considered a known variable. Auto fill works only with questions which have single variables as responses(demographics, name, e mail id, etc,.) This known variable (name) is now appended in the web link, through which the survey is to be distributed.
To enable auto fill feature in the survey, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Auto fill option in the question editor for the question with a known variable.(Eg. Name)
  2. Define the variable as a URL parameter or Initial value depending on type.
  3. Click on Save.
  4. Publish the survey and in the URL define the name, let's say Jamie. Include this URL https: // into your email campaign(Zoho campaigns/Mailchimp) and forward the survey.


Piping lets you add in the variables from the previous questions or custom variables and lets you customize the follow up questions.
This feature makes designing a survey easy and also helps respondents feel more comfortable when answering your survey.

Consider a Customer support rating survey and the following steps will show you how to pipe in a known parameter and how to add piping to a follow up question.

To pipe in a known parameter(say 'name')/ Custom Variable:

  1. Select Heading/descriptive type question and define the URL parameter name as the variable that you wish to pipe in. In this case, the variable defined is Name.

To pipe in parameter for a follow up question:

  • To pipe in the response of the previous question into the following question, click on insert variable and select the question for which you wish to add a follow up question.
  • Publish the survey and in the URL define the name, lets say Jamie. Include this URL https: // ?name=Jamie into campaigns (your e mail campaign/ Zoho Campaigns) and forward the survey to respondents.
  • The changes made in the URL. https: // ?name=Jamie will be seen on the publish mode of the survey page.