All Surveys

All the surveys you have created will be listed on the All Surveys page. Published surveys will have the survey modified date, last response date, and total number of responses displayed along with the survey names. Surveys that are yet to be published will have the survey creation date and a Publish button prompting you to launch your survey.

What do I do here?

  • Tap <screenshot>. ​You can perform the following actions here:
    • View your account details
    • Select a department
    • Access your application settings
    • View the total number of surveys in your account
    • View the number of surveys you have published
    • View the number of draft surveys you have in your account
    • Access surveys that have been shared with you
    • Read the user guide
    • Read our privacy policy
    • Log out from the application
  • Search for surveys
  • View the list of surveys in your account
  • Filter your surveys
  • Tap the surveys to see a summary of the survey. Read more on Summary.