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Can I add multiple users to my survey account? How?

Yes, you can add multiple users to your survey account and manage it as an enterprise account. You can start by selecting admins who could add users and assign roles to the members. Pricing for the enterprise plan is based on the number of people in your organization who use the survey.
Check out the pricing plans for your enterprise account here

What is Enterprise set up?

Zoho Survey's enterprise features lets you create and assign roles and permissions for your team and create a virtual space for them to collaborate over surveys. You could set permissions for individual members or teams and restrict the ability to edit, making your data safe. You could name the users as 'Members' or 'Vendors' on the basis of permission assigned to them.

What is the difference between 'Members' and 'Vendors' in the user setup?

The users in an enterprise set up can be added as Members and Vendors. Members are users who have complete access to all the surveys of a portal. Whereas, a Vendor is a user for whom partial access can be provided. For eg: An employee can be a Member whereas, a 3rd party user can be added as a vendor.