Is a credit card mandatory to get started?

No. You don't require a credit card to sign-up. Start with a free plan, and upgrade when the need arises. Credit cards is one of the mode of payment.

What other modes of payments can I use?

You could pay through bank transfer, Cheques and PayPal. However, this is allowed only for annual subscriptions of our product. Contact our sales team at for further queries on the same.

How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time. Click on subscription in the survey editor to upgrade to a paid plan or write to us at . View plan details and comparison here

What happens if I cancel my subscription from any paid plan?

After you cancel the subscription from any paid plan, you will be automatically moved to free plan. The data that you've collected will remain safe. However, any report that you've created will be lost.

How do I cancel my Zoho Survey subscription?

To cancel your Zoho Survey subscription, follow these steps:

  • Login at
  • Click subscription link at top of the page.
  • Click Downgrade button in free plan box.

Are there any discounts that I am eligible to?

We offer more than 16% discount if you choose annual billing. Students, Teachers and Educational Institutes can avail the Standard plan for free. Higher plans are available at 50% discount to Teachers and Educational Institutes. Click here to know more. Also if you're a non-profit or a charitable organization, we have a special pricing for you. To know your discount, please write to

Is my data safe?

At Zoho, we take data security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your data is secure. Read more about our security policies.