How do I view live mode of my survey?

The "Preview Survey"option on the Survey Editor will allow you to see your survey as a respondent. This lets you view the changes ought to be made to make your surveys look good.

Can I prepopulate survey responses for known respondents?

Yes, with the Autofill feature of Zoho Survey you can pre-populate survey responses for known variables( for ex: e-mail id, name, phone no,..).
To know more about how to add autofill in your survey, Click here

Can I track my respondents?

Yes, you can track your survey takers. By tracking responses you can see how a particular respondent has answered a survey. You could send reminders, gift vouchers, follow up surveys and make crucial decisions related to the particular target group of customers.

How do I track respondents who took my survey?

We offer several ways to track, which should be decided before distributing the survey. To verify and track responses that belong to a particular respondent, consider the following options:

  1. With an email text box question in your survey, you can collect e mail ids from your respondents. Each respondent will be linked to an email id. You can view the responses collected i.e., email id's collected in the reports section of your survey editor.
  2. A custom variable is a logic feature that lets you track respondents by passing values through web link to responses collected. To know more about how to set up a custom variable, click here

Can I embed my survey on a website?

You can embed your survey on a website or on your Facebook page. You can embed survey as Iframe, HTML or as JavaScript depending on the bandwidth of your website. Click here to know how to embed your survey.

Can I distribute my surveys via Email marketing services?

Zoho Survey is integrated with Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp that lets you send mass emails to your respondents. Distributing your surveys via email marketing services allows you better access to your respondents.

I changed my survey questions after distributing the survey?Will that influence my results?

Yes it will. Changes made to a survey will only affect responses of respondents who start taking up the survey after the changes are made. But deleting questions or answer choices after distributing a survey will cause you to lose data.

Can I collect responses even without internet connection?

Yes with Zoho Survey's Offline features you can reach out to respondents even without internet connections. The respondents can take up your survey and submit responses. These responses will be updated once the internet connection is re-established. To know more on how to enable offline feature, read here!

Is there any limit on responses count for my survey?

Yes, there is a limit for the maximum responses you could collect for a particular month. However, this limit is applicable only for users with monthly plans.

How do I edit the end/close date of my survey?

You could change the end date of your survey by editing the cut-off date in the 'Deploy' tab of your survey editor.
Follow these steps to change the end/close date of your survey.

  1. Click 'Deploy' tab of your survey editor.
  2. Select 'Restrictions' tab on the left.
  3. Set Cutoff date to a particular date
  4. Click 'Save'.

Where do I find options to publish my survey?

You can find options to publish your survey in the 'Deploy' tab of your survey editor.
Follow these steps to publish your survey.

  1. Click 'Deploy tab' in the survey editor.
  2. Select Publish from the left pane.
  3. Click on 'Publish now', a survey link will be generated.

Your survey is accessible now. Distribute your surveys with the web link generated.