Enterprise Setup

Working as a team has a lot of benefits. A portal/group specifically designed for a team lets your organization users collaborate over surveys . With Zoho Survey, you can create multiple accounts, maintain accounts, users and share surveys and reports with the organization members.

Portal creation

For instance : Create a portal 'Marketing' and invite members from your organization to contribute for the survey.

To create a portal,

  1. Click 'Set up'.
  2. Click on 'Create a New Portal'.
  3. Name the portal and click 'Next'.
  4. Enter e mail ID's of users.
  5. Click 'Invite'.

An e mail invite will be sent to the user. Once the invitee accepts the invitation, he/she will be added to the portal. Once added, the user can create or view surveys based on the status.

Manage accounts & users

Manage users and accounts of all organization users from a single account. Once added, the user can create or view surveys based on the status.

The admin can manage users of the portal by assigning them roles and permission to view surveys.

To assign roles to the users of the organization

  1. Click on the portal to which you wish to assign roles to the users.
  2. From the drop down below, select the roles. i.e., Member or Vendor.
  3. You can also manage the user's participation in the portal by making him active or inactive.

NoteMembers have access to create surveys and can view the surveys other users have created in the same portal. Vendors have access to create surveys only. They cannot view the survey created by other users.

  • The permission to invite and remove users is with the admin of the portal (paid user of Zoho survey).
  • The survey admin can find all portals on the 'Set up' page.
  • Users who wish to create a portal have to be users in the organization.
  • The enterprise user who is added to the portal can view the list of surveys and the portal on 'My Portal' on survey editor.