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You can find the following sections when you swipe right on the All Surveys page.

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Departments, or groups, are specifically designed for teams to collaborate on surveys. With Zoho Survey, you can create and maintain departments and user accounts, and share surveys and reports with the organization members. However, these are features that are exclusive to Enterprise customers.

  How do I select a department?

  1. Tap <screenshot> on the All Surveys page.
  2. Tap the department in use. You'll be able to see a list of all the surveys in the selected department, as well as the departments you are a part of. You can find the total number of surveys, the number of published ones, and the number of draft surveys in this department.


Access Settings <screenshot> to see which plan you are in, how many responses you have in total, how many you have used so far, and to how many more are left in your user account.

Shared Surveys

Tap <screenshot> and tap Shared with Me to take a look at the surveys that have been shared with you. Published surveys will have the name of the person who shared the survey with you, the survey modification date, the date on which you received the last response, and the total number of responses displayed along with the survey names. The ones that are yet to be published will have the name of the person who shared the survey with you, the survey creation date, and a Publish button prompting you to launch your survey.

What can I do here?

Tap the surveys to see a summary of the survey. Read more on Summary <hyperlink>.


Tap Help to read our user guide. The help section has detailed step-by-step instructions you can follow to make your survey creation process hassle-free.

Privacy Policy

Tap Privacy Policy <hyperlink> to read Zoho's privacy policy.

Log Out

Tap Log Out, then tap Yes in the confirmation box that follows to move out of the application.