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Send Copy

When you send a copy of your survey to someone, you retain ownership of the survey and its reports. The recipient will be able to do all that the owner of the survey can do in a survey.

How do I...


How do I send a copy of my survey to someone?

  1. Click Advanced Options on the upper-right side of the survey builder.
  2. Click Send Copy.
    Send copy feature in survey
  3. Select recipients: 
    • To other users: Send a copy of your survey to individual users. Enter the user's email address. An email will be sent to the user for approval. Once the user approves the request, the History section will show the list of users who have your survey.
    • To other departments: Send a copy of your survey to an entire department.
  4. Click Send.


How do I view the history of the surveys I've copied?

  1. Click Advanced Options in the top right side of the survey builder.
  2. Click Send Copy.
  3. View the status of the transfers you've attempted in the History section. 
    Send copy history in survey


Transfer Survey

Transfer your survey and its reports either to individual accounts or to departments as a whole. Once the new owner accepts the transferred survey, it will no longer exist in your account.


How do I transfer my survey to another user or group?

  1. Click Advanced Options on the upper-right side of the survey builder.
  2. Click Transfer Survey
    Transfer survey feature
  3. Select recipients:
    • To other users: Transfer your survey to individual users. Type in the user's email address in the text box.
    • To other departments: Transfer your survey to another department. Select a department from the list.
  4. Click Yes, Transfer Survey. You'll see a confirmation message.
  5. Click Cancel Transfer to cancel the transfer. 
    Cancel survey transfer


Click Close.


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