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You can perform the following actions in the Questions section:


You can perform the following actions in the Pages section:


Once you enter the survey builder, you're ready to add a question. Zoho Survey supports several types of questions.

How do I add a new question?

Click the question type you'd like to use on the Survey Builder page or drag a question from the left pane and drop it in the builder.



How do I edit a question?

  1. Hover over the question you'd like to duplicate and clickCreate online surveys.
  2. Click Edit or click the question you want to edit.
  3. Make necessary changes, and click Save.



How do I clone a question?

  1. Hover over the question you'd like to duplicate and clickCreate online surveys.
  2. Click Clone
    Create online surveys
  3. Select the page in the On drop down list, where you'd like to place the clone question. 
    Clone survey question
  4. Select the question in the After dropdown list, that will appear before the clone question.
  5. Click Clone.



Move a question to a different location on the same page or to a different page of the same survey.

Create online surveys

How do I move a question?

  1. Hover over the question you'd like to move and click Create online surveys.
  2. Click Move.
  3. In the On dropdown list, select the page where you'd like to move the question. 
    Move survey question
  4. In the After dropdown list, select the question that you want it to appear after. Note: If you want to move it to before the selected question, click After and choose Before.
  5. Click Move.



Use the Move to Trash option to delete unused questions or custom variables. Unlike the Delete option, the Trash feature in Zoho Survey allows you to either restore items or permanently remove them from the builder.

How do I move an item to the trash?

  1. Hover over the item you want to trash and click Create online surveys. The item will be moved to Trash.
  2. Click Undo if you change your mind.


How do I restore an item from trash?

  1. Click Trash on the left pane. 
    Create online surveys
  2. Select the items you want to restore in Trash. 
    Trash survey question
  3. Click Restore.



Deleting an item from the trash will remove it permanently.

How do I delete an item permanently?

  1. Click Trash at the bottom of the left-pane.
  2. Select the item you want to delete and click Create online surveys. You need to manually delete each item. You can also click Empty Trash to delete all the items in Trash

Create online surveys


Add Question Hint

Add hints to your question to help your respondents get a better idea of what you're asking. This feature is optional and is available only for certain types of questions.

How do I add a question hint?

  1. Select a question in the survey.
  2. Check Question Hint in the Advanced options section.
    Add survey question hint
  3. Type the hint to your question in the text box. 
  4. Click Save.


Add Page

A survey can have as many pages as you'd like.

How do I add a new page?

  1. Click + on the right pane of the survey builder, below the current page number box.
  2. Fill in the Page title (100 characters max.).
  3. Fill in the Page description (5,000 characters max.).
  4. To pipe in custom variables (or variables from previous pages) and customize follow-up questions, click Insert Variable and select the variable you want to use from the list. See Piping.
  5. Click Create Page
    Add pages to your survey


Rename Page

How do I rename a page?

  1. Click the page number and select Edit page info or click the page name. 
    Rename survey page title
  2. Fill in the Page title.
  3. Edit the Page description as needed.
  4. Click Save.



To make a copy of a page, click the page number and the select Clone Page. The page will be cloned, and a The page has been cloned message will be displayed. 



To move a page, drag and drop the page number (on the right pane) to its new position. The page will be moved and a Page moved message will be displayed. You can also move the page to a different location by clicking the page number and selecting Move Page. If you want to move it to before the selected page, click After and select Before.

Move survey page


How do I delete a page?

  1. Click the page name and select Delete Page.
  2. Click Yes in the confirmation box that follows. A Page deleted confirmation will be displayed. 
    Create online surveys

Add Logic

Applying logic in the survey can help you define how your respondents will move through a survey to complete relevant questions. There are two types of logic: question logic and page logic. See Skip Logic.




Click Preview on the top-right corner of the page to see how your survey will appear on a computer desktop, tablet, or smartphone, before sending it out to your audience. You can share this preview with anyone by clicking Review in the preview screen. You can disable and enable this review link at any point of time.

Create online surveys

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