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  • Survey building
  • Personalisation
  • Reports
  • Responses
  • Integrations & API
  • Offline Responses
  • Sharing
  • Campaigns
  • Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Customer Support

      Zoho Survey

Survey building  

  • Question Types   Question types for every scenario. Choose the question of your choice from 30 different question types in the Zoho Survey.



  • Drag and Drop Builder   An easy drag-and-drop builder that lets you craft your surveys in minutes.



  • Survey Templates   Expert verified templates for every survey you need.



  • Auto fill   An auto-fill feature for content that helps you fill questions more easily.



  • Scoring   Assign values to each question's answer choice to turn your survey into a test/quiz.



  • Skip logic (Question + Page)   Skip Logic helps you control what question/page is displayed to the respondent, based on their responses to the previous question. This skip logic makes your surveys provide more relevant questions to answer for your audience.


      For page skipping only

  • Multilingual surveys   Widen your reach with multilingual surveys. Translate your surveys into more than 80 languages and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

    80+ languages


  • Custom variables   Custom variables allow you to record known information like email address or unique address, and the number of the respondents in the reports, without displaying them in the survey.



  • Responses across platforms - Social, web, email   Responses can be shared across various social media, webpages and email


    Email distribution, Facebook, Twitter

  • Number of surveys



  • Questions+ Responses per survey

    100 responses / survey (Free Plan)

    Unlimited (response equivalent to Google Sheets capacity= 2 million cells of data)

  • Survey collectors   Create different collectors within your department. Assign quotas to each collector to control the number of responses you receive.


    Not applicable

  • Kiosk Mode (Passcode Unlock)   Eliminate the need for manual operation of the survey device with the use of kiosk mode.



  • Labelling / Numbering in surveys



  • Matrix questions



  • Contact info question



  • Video/Image questions



  • Rating questions



  • Quiz scoring



  • Matrix dropdown question



  • File upload question



  • Question randomization



  • Answer randomization



  • Mark exclusive answer choices



  • A/B Testing question type



  • Survey auto-close (Response)



  • Custom variables (Data tracking)



  • Industry-wise Question bank



  • HTML Script editor

      Trigger functions


  • Pop-up surveys   Embed the surveys you created to your website as pop-ups.




  • Personalised themes   Design surveys that speak for your brand.



  • Form customization



  • Customised themes, colours and more



  • Industry-specific themes



  • Branding



  • Progress bar



  • Customised URLs



  • Thank You page on Survey end



  • Social media preview



  • End page logic



  • Customised email campaigns



  • Question/Answer piping


      Only for sections

  • Remove Survey footer



  • Survey completion redirect



  • White-labelling   Send surveys from your domain with your brand name to increase brand awareness among respondents.



  • Custom subdomain




  • Report type

    Custom, Trend, Cross-tab

    Summary, Question wise & Individual Responses only

  • Tag geolocation in reports   Send surveys from your domain with your brand name to increase brand awareness among respondents.



  • Real-time results



  • Export report formats



  • Share report



  • Customisable sharing options



  • Global/ Industry-wise comparison



  • Report filtering



  • Data viz dashboard



  • Dashboard password protection



  • Statistical significance



  • Turf analysis



  • Sentiment Analysis



  • Word Cloud



  • Custom reports and charts



  • Print reports



  • Download report as Tableau extract



  • Download report as ppt



  • Export report in SPSS




  • Require answer completion



  • Answer Validation



  • Randomise answer choice



  • Survey end date setting



  • Respondent IP Address tracking



  • Respondent mail tracking



  • Trigger Emails (For completion, confirmation)


    For completion

  • Trigger emails based on responses



  • Trigger Function



  • Maximum Response count



  • Edit question and answer labeling



  • Buying responses   Buy high-quality responses for your market research with criteria of your choice.



Integrations & API  

  • CRM Integration   Easily map data to your Zoho CRM account and vice-versa. You can also integrate your surveys with various applications like Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Flow, Zoho Sheet, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Commerce, Zoho Recruit, and Zoho Desk.

    Zoho App Suite: Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Flow, Zoho Sheet, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Commerce, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Desk

    Google Add ons available

  • Others

    Eventbrite, Slack, Intra-Zoho Apps, MailChimp, Zendesk, Webhook, Google Sheets, Shopify

    Form Add-ons, Form integrators, Google Smartsheet, etc.

  • Send surveys using API



  • Extract Data (Third-party tools)



  • Direct API Access



Offline Responses  

  • Offline response collection   Collect responses without the help of the internet using offline surveys from any remote location.



  • Offline feedback collection app




  • Sharing options

    Transfer entire surveys, Share surveys


  • Collaboration

    Invite reviewers


  • Collaboration

    Live commenting, Share survey preview



  • Running survey campaigns   Run effective survey campaigns with your contacts for market research or event management by seamlessly integrating Zoho Survey with Zoho Campaigns.

    Zoho CRM contacts, MailChimp, Zoho Campaigns



  • Password protected surveys






  • SSL Encryption



  • IP Blocking enabled



  • Password protected reports



  • Custom field encryption



Data Privacy  

  • ePHI and HIPAA compliancy   Zoho Survey is HIPAA compliant which means sensitive medical information of a patient is protected at all times and is not disclosed without the patient's consent.


      Only if your sign up for Google Workspace account

  • Data encryption



  • GDPR compliance   Zoho Survey is GDPR compliant, which ensures that citizens have complete transparency over how, why, and where their personal data is used.



Enterprise-grade features  

  • Manage department roles and permissions



  • Team activity tracking



  • Single sign-on



  • Enterprise-only integrations

      All integrations starting from Pro


Customer Support  

  • 24/7 Email support


    Only community and help pages for paid customers

  • Expedited email support


      Indirectly through Google Workspace

  • Phone support


      Indirectly through Google Workspace

  • Customer Success Manager


      Indirectly through Google Workspace

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