Education Surveys

  • Online education surveys promote interaction between educators and students. Zoho Survey aims to help teachers, students, parents or administrators spot trends and correlations, and gain actionable data to proceed with.

  • Student satisfaction surveys

    Teachers and administrators can conduct student satisfaction surveys on students who can be frank about how they really feel about everything related to their education, from facilities to faculty, and even ambiance.


    Students are the reason schools exist, after all. Their view is of paramount importance. What better way to discover their needs and opinions than to ask them directly and anonymously?

  • Teacher satisfaction surveys

    Teacher satisfaction is second only to students. Attracting and retaining quality educators depends highly on how valued they feel. Conducting and acting on a survey series goes a long way to letting your teachers know that you care about them. When your educators are taken care of, the quality of their work will skyrocket.

  • Keep track of parent-teacher interactions

    Discover parents' thoughts and feelings about the way their children are treated, exam patterns, course curriculum, extra-curricular activities, facilities, teaching quality and teacher-student ratio. Keep the students and teachers happy, and the parents will follow suit.Surveys can be done to ascertain if students are receiving the guidance they need outside of the classroom, be it personal, professional or otherwise.


    Parents and teachers need to build strong relationships, built on constant communication. With both keeping the students' best interests at heart, it is imperative that both groups have the necessary information and feedback to provide the best education possible.

  • Communications intelligence is just the beginning.

    The above categories are only the tip of the iceberg. Delving deeper into the wants and needs of an educational institution allows us to  pay attention to the smaller details; the ones that make a difference.


    Owing to the anonymity and ease of filling out an online education survey, addressing problems and fixing them becomes so much easier. What better way to ensure a better future than by providing the best possible education to today's youth? We at Zoho strive to make this a reality everywhere. Provide a better education with the help of Zoho Survey.