Customer Touchpoints


Customer Touchpoints

Do you have efficient points of contact for your customers to get in touch with you? Identify your customer touchpoints. Connect with your customers. Improve customer experience. Zoho's Customer Touchpoints Survey is the answer!

  • Every brand has customer points of contact where the customers come in contact with you before, during, and after purchasing a product. Customer points of contact could be television ads, your product website, or a friend who is your loyal customer. Customers might have seen your ads on online advertising sites, or promotions, or they may have discovered you through online have checked your ratings and reviews too. All these points of contact serve as customer touchpoints.

  • To better your overall customer experience, you need to identify which touchpoints your customers use and start getting feedback from all of them! You can set up touchpoints at every stage of their purchase decision. If you have strong customer touchpoints, you could even influence a potential customer by prompting them to buy a product even when they were not planning to buy it. You should also ensure that your customers approach the right customer touchpoints for reference and they lead your customers to the best customer experience possible. Customer touchpoints could also function as a good alternative for a weak customer support service. Listening to the customers through the proper channels will improve your business and result in better customer satisfaction.

  • You can develop loyal relationships with your customers by setting up appropriate customer touchpoints. Run customer service feedback surveys periodically to gain your customers' trust and retain them for the long run. Ask for user evaluations of your products to maintain product quality and refine customers' experience with your brand. With customer touchpoints, you gear your business to the people that matter most.

  • It is so important to talk to your customers often and make them happy. Maintain a good support team. Find out how willing your customers are to recommend a product or a service to others. And finally, remember: one of the best ways to understand your customers is by stepping into their shoes and thinking like they do. When you step out of your current role and think you are the customer, you will have a clear understanding of the customer experience. It will help you understand the problem better, analyse the situation and check for solutions. Use Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in your surveys to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. With easy response collection methods and a huge collection of themes, Zoho Surveys come in handy for all your survey needs.