Custom reporting for surveys.

Create surveys and analyze them better with our custom reporting tools. These tools provide you with the means for advanced reporting, which include trend reports, cross-tab reports, individual reports, and filtered reports. Organized and analyzed, every report comes served in its best version, all in real-time!

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Trend reporting.

Spot trends and match them with real-world changes. With surveys largely measuring your audience's perceptions, these reports can help you match real-world events with changes in opinions of respondents. Combine these reports with the advanced reporting provided by the Zoho Campaigns integration and you have a clear picture of when and how your audience interacts with your emails and surveys.

Cross-tab reporting.

Analyzing the relationships between the answers to your questions might bear surprising results. Cross-tab reporting enables you to place two questions (and their answers) side by side and analyze the correlation between them. Discover hidden relationships, form a hypothesis, and understand your audience better.

Filter, schedule and share reports.

Have your survey report filtered and delivered to your mail box. To keep yourself updated on the most recent responses, all you will need to do is set up scheduled reports for your whole survey or for a set of questions. These reports can also be shared with your colleagues. Our advanced options let you set up an email trigger and have your survey responses delivered to you as they come in. Get real-time analysis from your inbox.

Customize reports.

Have an irrelevant response? Or would you like to edit a response to make it easier to understand? Edit the responses to your survey, and customize your reports as much as you would like. Sound analysis comes from audited responses, and with Zoho Survey you have the freedom to change, edit, and filter your reports and responses to get at the best data.

Download or export reports.

What do you do with the data you get from responses? Zoho Survey's Reporting features provides you with ample data analysis opportunities. However, if you would like even more, you can have your responses updated in real time to Google Sheets. You can also download your reports in various formats, including Spreadsheet, CSV, PDF, and SPSS.