College Survey


College Survey

Use a college survey to find out how students feel about your courses, how satisfied they are with the faculty, and obtain a holistic view of them.

  • College is a whole new phase in everyone's life. It can be pretty scary. Especially during the first few months, until students start building a rapport with other students and with their professors. In a way, it is the first step to the rest of their lives. This is the time when most people leave home and learn to live on their own. It's important to make this transition of a student's life as easy as possible. And how do you do that? You get to know them.


    A college survey is a thorough questionnaire completed by students regarding their background, life during college, and their opinion about the university, their professors, and their courses. While one kind of college survey is centered around the student, another kind can be made from the professor's point of view, to include their evaluation of a student. In this way, the university can obtain a holistic view of a student.

  • A college survey can provide you with comprehensive information about your students. It can help identify the weaknesses in an educational program and provide ideas about how to help improve them. Colleges conduct surveys to gain insight into student profiles, behaviors, and university practices. Conducting a college survey is important, because it correlates highly with the students' learning and educational experience and also, to know how students feel about their courses, their professors, and their college life. Information obtained from surveys can also be used to prevent college drop-outs and budding anti-social activities.


    The main topics of a college survey revolve around the students' background information, college activities, college environment, and so on. The information that students provide about themselves will help the administration and professors understand how to improve the facilities and educational environment being provided to the students.


    Surveys can provide student feedback on any new course or activity introduced by the university. The effectiveness of a professor and student retention becomes easier to measure with a survey.


    Filling out a survey may feel like a lengthy and tiring process, but the student may learn a lot  about themselves that they probably hadn't realized before.

  • As the educational field continues to become more digitalized, online surveys have become an efficient way to conduct surveys. Zoho Survey has an easy-to-use software tool that allows you to customize a survey to your specific needs. These surveys can be sent via email or social media, making them easily accessible to students and professors alike.