Dr. Micheal Dyson and his way of work

When Dr. Michael Dyson discovered Zoho Survey, he was unprepared for it. His experience with the application is best described as "an unexpected encounter that turned great." Read further to learn how this concurrence prepared him to conduct successful market research experiments.

As the owner and founder of Starling Ltd., Dr. Michael Dyson serves as an independent contractor helping tech companies access the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. A deep comprehension of operating principles and requirements is necessary to draft contracts across industries. It is also essential for understanding the demand for products or services produced by each industry. What better method to gauge this than to conduct market research on the intended audience?

Discovering Zoho Survey

While revisiting a microfluidic project from the Dublin City University in Ireland, Dr. Dyson recognized the need for a wider audience and higher quality data to develop a final design for the technology. He was seeking a tool that would make it easy for him to perform thorough market research, while pinpointing ideal audiences.

While utilizing Zoho Mail for personal and professional communication, Dr. Dyson discovered that Zoho houses a comprehensive survey platform. He decided to use it for his projects after being pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and user-friendliness of the survey tool. Soon, there was no turning back. Zoho Survey's ease of use and reasonable pricing won his loyalty.

Walking with Zoho Survey

Dr. Dyson found appeal in the application's analysis mechanism, featuring cross-tabulation and custom reporting. The conclusions he draws after slicing and dicing the data help him enhance the efficiency of projects and serve as a base for future research. He is confident that the development of solutions is less prone to error because of the reports' clarity, conciseness, and accuracy. From a marketing perspective, Dr. Dyson appreciates that Survey helps him conduct TURF analyses to determine the optimal combinations of services to offer, and to hone his strategies.

With Zoho Survey, a sizable sample of panelists from his target market is available to respond to his questionnaires with only a few clicks. All in all, Dr. Dyson hardly ever notices the lack of research resources because he has Zoho Survey to back him up.

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