About Skills and education group

With over a century of expertise in championing the education and skills sector, the Skills and Education Group has a lot of feathers in its cap. This unique membership body started in 1922 and aims to provide members with services to support staff and learners, including professional development programs and grant funding from its charitable foundation. Its members include colleges, charities, social enterprises delivering vocational courses, and independent training providers. Comprising three organizations, the group focuses on improving the lives of individuals through education and training.

Discovering Zoho Survey

For a group working to provide high-quality services, gauging performance periodically is essential. Analyses helps the Skills and Education Group calibrate its objectives by revealing areas where the organization excels and where it has room for improvement. The group realized that one of the best ways to measure its impact was to ask customers for feedback. That's where surveys came in. The Skills and Education Group tried a variety of survey tools but experienced scalability issues. What it needed was a platform that helped it to quickly and effectively gather relevant feedback about its various organizations. When its previous survey platform failed to provide this capability, the organization switched to Zoho Survey. With flexibility and the ability to customize surveys, the decision to stick with Zoho Survey was a no-brainer.

Walking with Zoho Survey

As the group is comprised of different brands and services, it loves Zoho Survey's ability to categorize surveys into departments. It builds a variety of surveys for various purposes, such as obtaining feedback on events, receiving applications for grant funding, and collecting case studies from learners. The results of these surveys are always easy to view and access, meaning the organization can quickly collect the data it needs. Several people across the group use Zoho Survey, as it is an easy-to-use tool for the staff. Each year, the Skills and Education Group publishes an impact report to show the effect it's had on staff and learners. A lot of the information in these reports is from surveys, so Hughes believes Zoho Survey truly helps the organization work towards its vision.

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