Survey-Campaigns Integration

Powerful email automation solutions

Create survey campaigns with thoughtful questionnaires that extract beneficial data from a target audience. Test the efficacy of new products and services, and understand customer expectations better. Conduct profitable events that ensure high ROI. Understand public opinion on important matters before making decisions.

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What is Zoho Campaigns?

Zoho Campaigns is a powerful email marketing tool that can help you set up intelligent automated workflows. This tool helps you improve customer engagement with your e-commerce store, carry out A/B testing, and enhance your email marketing game. DKIM authentication ensures that your emails reach their intended recipients and they don’t land up in the spam or promotions folder.

The perfect alliance

Creating effective survey campaigns is easy with Zoho Campaigns. With this integration, quickly create surveys and distribute them to a larger set of audience. There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send. Using Zoho Campaigns, send emails using your custom domain name to increase brand awareness and nurture a loyal customer base.

Creative business solutions with survey campaigns


Identify your potential market

Marketing research campaigns are used to understand customers better and improve the customer experience (CX). They can also help you evaluate market trends and competition.

  • Quickly gather feedback using a Net Promoter Score or rating-type questions.
  • Connect to your audience on a personal level by sending surveys in their native language.
  • Seamlessly map information to your Zoho CRM account or to any other external platform using webhooks.

Effortlessly organize successful events

Collect insights before or after a major event to gauge the attendance rate, understand attendee expectations, and estimate running costs.

  • Get a quick estimate of the number of attendees for your event using the Event RSVP question as an inline email.
  • Make your surveys personalized with the piping and prepopulate features.

Make strides in your business

Improve research and development with business survey campaigns. Assess public perception of new products, and effectively improve existing offerings.

  • Analyze different aspects of your business using custom reports.
  • Assess which products provide the widest market appeal, and determine the reach and popularity of your communication channels, using TURF analysis.
  • Boost sales with timely trigger emails.

Streamline government and political decisions

Gather public opinions to be considered alongside government decisions using research campaigns.

  • Collect public opinions geographically by enabling the Collect Geolocation option.
  • Target audience segments based on age, gender, marital status, and more, using conditional quotas.

The right tools for an outstanding survey.

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