Updated on: 2nd July 2021.

Survey Buy Responses Terms and Conditions

These Survey Buy Responses Terms of Service (“Buy Responses Terms”) govern your use of Zoho Survey to send Surveys to Participants.


  1. “Attributes” means the characteristics selected by you from a list of characteristics provided by Zoho;
  2. “Completed Response” refers to the Survey where the Participant answers all the survey questions that he or she is required to answer and reaches the end of the Survey;
  3. “Participants” refers to the persons who possess the Attributes;
  4. “Purchase Request” refers to the Attributes and the number of Completed Responses you wish to collect via Zoho Survey;
  5. "Reconciliation" refers to the process of replacing Completed Responses that did not satisfy your Survey requirements, with new responses by the Participants.
  6. “Survey” means a survey initiated by you via Zoho Survey in accordance with these Buy Responses Terms.

Survey Requirements

Your Survey may not,

  1. collect contact information such as name, email address, phone number or mailing address from the Participants;
  2. collect sensitive information such as credit card information, passwords, or social security numbers from your Participants;
  3. be related to an activity that is prohibited by applicable laws;
  4. market a product, service or concept to Participants; or
  5. request Participants to complete tasks outside of your Survey, including visiting another website, purchasing or subscribing to a product or service.

Purchase Request

Upon receipt of your Purchase Request, Zoho will provide you with pricing and an estimated timeframe for the delivery of the Completed Responses. Upon payment, Zoho will confirm receipt of your Purchase Request by providing an invoice or other order confirmation document.

Survey Review

In order to ensure that your use of 'Survey Buy Responses' functionality is in accordance with the 'Survey Requirements', all the surveys that you initiate via the functionality will be subjected to manual verification by our personnel in India who are subject to strict background verification as well as confidentiality obligations.

Cancellations and Refund

Except in limited circumstances, payment made for a Survey is non-refundable. Upon your written request, Zoho will issue you a pro-rate refund of your payment, based on the number of Completed Responses, if Zoho is unable to collect your desired number of Completed Responses within a reasonable timeframe (from the date on which your Survey is sent to Participants). Zoho will issue a full refund of the fees paid if Zoho cancels your Survey at any time without cause. In order to receive any refund, you must contact Zoho in writing within 15 days of invoice date.

Survey Reconciliation

Upon your written request to support@zohosurvey.com, Zoho may offer Reconciliation to certain Completed Responses if the Reconciliation request (i) falls within the scope of one or more of the acceptable reasons listed below ("Acceptable Reasons") or (ii) does not fall within the scope of one or more unacceptable reasons listed below ("Unacceptable Reasons"). The Reconciliation request must be raised within 21 days from the date on which the last response was received and any request made after the specified period will not be entertained. The request must be accompanied by the spreadsheet specifying the reasons for which a Reconciliation is sought. Based on the information provided in the spreadsheet, Zoho may request for additional supporting data to entertain a Reconciliation request.

The following are considered to be the Acceptable Reasons:

  1. Straight-lining
    1. Description: Participant selects all answers on questions in a straight-line, demonstrating that the Participant was not reasonably paying attention to the Survey.
    2. Supporting Data: Response IDs, survey questions and responses.
  2. Speeding
    1. Description: Participant’s length of interview (LOI) is less than the reasonable LOI for the Survey.
    2. Supporting Data: Response IDs, Defaulted Participant’s LOI and reasonable LOI as calculated by comparing other Participants' LOIs.
  3. Inappropriate open ends (Including Repetitive, Vulgar and Nonsensical)
    1. Description: In case of open end questions in the Survey, Participant's responses (a) are repetitive (i.e same responses for all or multiple open end questions in the Survey); (b) contain vulgar language; (c) are nonsensical; (d) do not pertain to the questions; or (e) include random strings of letters, words, or sentences.
    2. Supporting Data: Response IDs, survey questions and responses.
  4. Mismatched responses
    1. Description: Participant's responses differ from the Attributes; example: Age mismatch.
    2. Supporting Data: Response IDs, Attributes and survey questions and responses.
  5. Duplicate responses
    1. Description: Identical open end responses given by multiple Participants.
    2. Supporting Data: Response IDs, survey questions and responses.

Unacceptable Reasons for Reconciliation :

Zoho will not provide Reconciliation for the Completed Responses where you have committed an error :

  1. while setting up your Survey within Zoho Survey including but not limited to choosing wrong question type and wrong application of question logic, and/or
  2. while making a Buy Response Purchase Request within Zoho Survey including but not limited to choosing wrong Attributes.

Suspending or Cancelling your Survey

Zoho may suspend or cancel your Survey, if

  1. Zoho receives negative feedback or complaint from Participants about your Survey;
  2. It fails to comply with the requirements stated in these Buy Responses Terms;
  3. Zoho, in its sole discretion, determines your Survey as inappropriate.


Zoho does not represent or warrant that:

  1. you will be able to collect your desired number of Completed Responses in any specified timeframe even if your Purchase request is accepted by Zoho; and
  2. Participants do, in fact, possess or meet the Attributes which they have represented to Zoho as possessing or meeting.


You understand that you may not be able to send Surveys in case of a scheduled or emergency maintenance with respect to Survey Buy Response functionality. By way of service announcement, Zoho will provide with at least five (5) days notice with respect to any scheduled maintenance and with 12 hour notice with respect to any emergency maintenance.

Delay or Discontinuation

You understand and acknowledge that

  1. There may be occasional delays in sending Surveys via Zoho Survey; and
  2. Zoho may discontinue Survey Buy Responses functionality from Zoho Survey upon 4 days’ prior written notice. Upon expiry of the notice period, you will be prevented from initiating any Surveys.