Business Surveys

Various business owners use surveys to evaluate their businesses and their progress. Zoho Survey hosts a gallery of ready-made templates that will help business owners of various fields to conduct surveys on customers and to asses the conduct of their businesses.

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  • What are the customers' eating habits?

    It is important for businesses like restaurants, hotels and resorts to identify eating habits of customers. It helps them serve better.

  • How do they hear of various business services?

    Businesses should know people's sources of information. It helps businesses advertise effectively.

  • What are the expectations of customers?

    It is helpful for businesses to know what customers expect from them. You could ask what they feel about the atmosphere, hospitality, facilities and services you offer.

  • How often do they travel and stay away from home?

    Businesses relating to travels, could ask their customers about their travelling patterns and how often they stay in hotels. Travel agencies could use this information to offer certain privileges to regular travellers.

What Business Owners Can Understand from Business Surveys.

  • Customer preferences.

    All business surveys reveal customer preferences. Business surveys enable owners to understand customer preferences and requirements. They will be able to adjust their products to suit people's needs.

  • Buying patterns.

    Business surveys educate business owners about the buying patterns of people. They will be able to identify the type of products people tend to purchase.

  • Ways to improve the business.

    Business surveys reveal methods to improve the businesses. Customers would offer suggestions to owners on improving their businesses. This helps to attract more customers.

  • Famous and desirable habits.

    These surveys reflect famous categories of products and desirable advertising habits. The knowledge will help business owners create and promote better and preferable products.