Why should you use answer display logic?

Ample and authentic responses are crucial to the success of any survey. Some common hurdles that stand in the way of obtaining these responses include lengthy, time-consuming surveys and irrelevant questions/answer choices. By deploying answer display logic, you can eliminate these obstacles and exercise complete control over your survey’s flow.


Improve the respondent experience

Increase engagement by creating surveys tailored to your respondents. This will help keep them interested in your survey, and they’ll be more likely to respond to your surveys in the future.


Decrease drop-out rates

When respondents come across questions and answer choices that are not relevant to them, they might drop out of the survey, or worse, enter insincere answers just to get the survey over with. Reduce drop-out rates and survey fatigue by presenting relevant options to your audience.


Shorten the survey

A survey with too many questions can be overwhelming. Answer display logic helps you create short and crisp surveys that are more manageable for respondents and more relevant to your research.


Analyze better

Surveys that effectively deploy answer display logic (and other survey logics) significantly reduce spam responses, and get you more reliable and comprehensible data.

What can you do with Zoho Survey?

Zoho Survey provides multiple ways to use answer display logic in your surveys. Easily design the way respondents navigate through your survey to create a smoother, more streamlined experience.

Display relevant options

Choose which options to show your respondents, based on their previous answers. Say your survey has two questions. The first one asks respondents for the city they live in, and the second asks which of your store branches they’ve visited in that city. Instead of showing all the branch names for every city you operate in, use answer display logic to show only the branch names that correspond to the city where your respondent lives.

Display relevant options - survey
Hide irrelevant answer choices - survey

Hide irrelevant answer choices

Choose which options to hide from your respondents, based on their previous answers. Say you use the matrix rating scale and ask respondents to rate different aspects of your hotel, such as the rooms, restaurant, gym, and swimming pool. Use answer display logic to hide the gym and pool scales from respondents that haven’t used these amenities.

Use a combination of answer logics

Choose which options to show/hide using a combination of AND/OR logics

Example scenario: You ask respondents to rate different aspects of your ecommerce store, such as website experience, product quality, and delivery charges. You remember that you waive the delivery charge for senior citizens who are subscribed to your membership program..

Use answer display logic to hide the “delivery charge” rating option from respondents who are A Above 60 years of age AND B Subscribed to your membership program.

Use a combination of answer logics - survey