Survey-Analytics Integration

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What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics tool that helps you visualize your data in the form of illustrative charts and pivot tables. Upload data from a multitude of sources, create dashboards, compare multiple reports, and easily share your insights with others. Zia, the smart analytical assistant, guides you through the process and simplifies report creation.

Powerful synergy

Zoho Survey’s integration with Analytics provides an advanced analytics platform that helps you analyze large quantities of intricate data. You can view particular sets of data from a database, compare different reports, blend data from different sources, and more.

Interactive charts

Analytics provides a wide variety of interactive chart types to choose from depending on your goal. Hover over a chart to quickly view the highlights, drill down data, use legend-based filters, and export charts. Here are a few basic chart types that help you analyze survey data :

Combo charts

  • Compare two or more metrics simultaneously.
  • Easily identify the distribution channel that brings the most traffic to your business, or analyze your survey completion rate.
survey rate
region central data

Clustered bar charts

  • Effectively conduct year over year (YOY) analyses.
  • Great for tracking the financial performance of a company or finding out how a respondent’s opinions have changed over time.

Scatter plots

  • Determine if a correlation exists between two variables.
  • More accurately represent cross-tab reports using scatter plots. For example, measure the relationship between the age of respondents and the drinks they prefer.
drinks data

Geographical charts

  • When the geolocation toggle is on, Survey records the locations of your respondents.
  • Use the geographical chart in Analytics to view respondents on the map.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboards provide a way to view multiple reports at a glance. With the drag-and-drop interface in Analytics, you can create dashboards in minutes and simultaneously compare different reports. Add KPI widgets to highlight metrics, numbers, or comparison indicators to identify trends.

Dynamic Dashboard

Create the perfect blend

Efficiently merge data from two or more sources. For instance, while sending out RSVP surveys for an upcoming event, your CRM can provide data on the signup rate. Analytics provides a platform to visualize all this data in one place.

blend chart

Prep data for deep analysis

Blend data from two or more tables using built-in SQL functions. For instance, blend a table that contains information on products customers wished to buy with another table that contains information on customers who actually purchased these products.

prep data

Discuss. Share. Publish.

Share reports privately, publicly, or in groups. Provide opinions about reports through comments and chat threads for easy collaboration with your colleagues. Shared users can be given access to create their own dashboards and reports. Publish your reports to your websites, blogs, and web applications

comments card

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