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Sometimes, a ticket might involve multiple technician work. In that case, the ticket can be divided into several tasks and each task can be assigned to a technician/group.

For example, consider a scenario where a new employee joins the organization. There is a list of tasks that need to be performed such as seating location, providing a computer/laptop, installing necessary software, connecting telephone links, entering his/her name in the active entry and so on. These operations can be considered as separate tasks and be can assigned to different technicians.

  1. How do I add a task for a ticket?
  2. Can I assign the task to other agents?
  3. How do I edit a task?
  4. How do I change priority and working status of a task?
  5. I want to delete an added task.
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  7. Custom View task
  8. Is there an option to import task?
  9. I want to add comments to my task.
  10. I want to add an attachment to my task.
  11. I want to export all my tasks.
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  14. Actions Tab
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