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Get Records by Search

You can use this method to get records (in particular) by searching for them in Zoho Support from third-party applications.

URL format to get records by search:



  • Replace MODULE with any one of these - requests, solutions, accounts, contacts, contracts, products or tasks.
  • Replace AUTHTOKEN, PORTALNAME, and DEPARTMENTNAME with your authtoken, portal name and department name respectively.
  • In the below table, the fromindex, toindex and noOfDays are optional parameters.

Request Parameters:

Parameters Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials
portal* String portal of your Zoho Support
department* String department of your Zoho Support
selectfields String module(field labels) Ex: Requests(Subject,Status,Case Owner)
fromindex Integer Default value - 1
toindex Integer Default records fetched - 20; Maximum - 200
searchfield* String The Field to be searched for
searchvalue* String The Value to be searched for
noOfDays Integer Default - search for last 90 days

Sample Request URL:

Sample Response:

<row no="1">
<fl val="CASEID">11111222220010010</fl>
<fl val="Subject">Online Demo Request</fl>
<fl val="Department">sampledepartment</fl>
<fl val="Contact Name">John</fl>
<fl val="Product Name">Customer Care</fl>
<fl val="Email"></fl>
<fl val="Phone">002200330044</fl>
<row no="2">
<fl val="CASEID">11111222220010010</fl>
<fl val="Subject">Unable to create demo task</fl>
<fl val="Department">sampledepartment</fl>
<fl val="Contact Name">Peter</fl>
<fl val="Product Name">Technical Support</fl>
<fl val="Email"></fl>
<fl val="Phone">988888888889</fl>
<row no="3">
<fl val="CASEID">2000000010010</fl>
<fl val="Subject">Welcome - Demo</fl>
<fl val="Department">General</fl>
<fl val="Contact Name">Amit Agarwal</fl>
<fl val="Product Name">CRM</fl>
<fl val="Email"></fl>
<fl val="Phone">009090909900</fl>