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Organization Settings

Set up your organization by creating departments in Zoho Support for the respective business units of your organization. Set up your mail server to receive customer mails. Add company details, specify holiday and the number of hours you work for service level agreement.


Departments are the various divisions in your organization. Division's may be based on different products, physical locations, teams and much more. Zoho Support allows you to manage the support separately for every department in your company. For each department you can specify the support agents, configure separate support email address, track support tickets & contacts separately, set the workflow rules, define service level agreements and can specify the operational hours.

  1. How do I add a department?
  2. Edit department
  3. How can I disable a Department?
  4. Dis-associate agents from department

Company Details

In this Module, you can specify your organization related information such as company name, number of employees, address, date, time zone, and other details. An organization can have its branches in various regions and sites, based on which the operational hours, holidays, SLA and business rules are calculated. Learn More

Holiday List

Configure your organization's annual holidays with this option. This holiday lists is the number of days your company would remain closed and it is exclusive of the weekends holidays.

How can I

  1. Add a holiday list?
  2. Delete my holiday list?

Business Hours

You can create the actual working time of your helpdesk. The operational hours for a site depends on the time zone configured for the site. This information is used in calculation of the service ticket completion time based on the SLA applicable on the ticket.

How can I

  1. Add a business hour
  2. Edit my business hour
  3. Deactivate my business hour