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Knowledge Base (aka) Help Center

Zoho Support enables you to build rich knowledgebase, a collection of solution articles that can be used for future reference. With the knowledgebase, your support staff can provide consistent support to customers besides, your customers themselves accessing the solution articles from their self-service portal. The latter is known to reduce the volume of incoming tickets as customers can help themselves without raising a ticket.

By default, all agents are provided with the privilege to access the Solutions/Help Center by the administrator. Your support agents can add and organize solution articles as folders within the support portal so that your customers can quickly browse through them in their self-service portal.

  1. How to add an article in Help Center?
  2. Sort through articles.
  3. How can I edit an article?
  4. Change the working status of an article.
  5. How do I delete an article added in Help Center?
  6. View articles.
  7. Organize articles in folders.
  8. Add a comment to an article.
  9. I maintain knowledgebase in an external resource. How to import them?
  10. Add attachments to an article.
  11. How to export my knowledgebase?
  12. I need to search for a specific article?
  13. Actions Tab

P.S - For accounts created after February 2014, the Solutions module and the Add Solution tab were renamed as Help Center and Add Article respectively. The module and tab names can be customized according to your business needs.