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Facebook Integration

Facebook as a platform is not just to be in touch with your friends anymore. Having over 800 Million users, organizations across the world have gone Facebook to harvest its huge potential. Also it happens to be a lot more easier for your customers to share via Page Posts and Comments, their experience about your service. So it is high time that you add your organization's Facebook account to provide a comprehensive support, besides the traditional channels. Satisfy your customers before they get back with bigger problems and boost your brand image and credibility by addressing them in real time.

  1. How to configure my Facebook account in Zoho Support?
  2. Capturing "Page Posts" as Tickets
  3. Can I track agents interaction with the tickets converted from posts?
  4. What if I have multiple departments and want to capture my Page Posts as tickets in a specific one?
  5. What actions can I perform under the Social tab?
  6. Adding a Facebook user to a contact.
  7. Assigning tickets created from posts to agents

Configuring your Facebook Account

To configure your Facebook account in Zoho Support, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to Setup –>> Channels ->> Social –>> Facebook .
  2. In the Facebook integration page, click Add Account . You will be redirected to the Facebook sign-in page, wherein you need to provide your account's e-mail address and password.
  3. Click Go to App in the permissions dialog box.
  4. Set permissions for Zoho Support to access your Facebook information and click Allow .

On completion of the above mentioned configuration you would be redirected back to Facebook set-up page in Zoho Support.

Capturing Page Posts as Tickets

Zoho Support will automatically convert posts on your Facebook pages into tickets. To enable this functionality, check the Capture "Page Posts"as Tickets option in your Facebook setup screen.

You can choose to convert all page posts as tickets or convert only those matching your search keywords.

Tracking Agent interaction with Facebook Posts

Once a post gets converted into ticket, you can track it under the Tickets tab in Zoho Support. When the ticket is assigned to an agent, they can directly respond to it. Responses would be added both as a conversation to the customer’s post and also threaded to the ticket in Zoho Support.

Capturing Page Posts as Tickets in a specific Department

If you have multiple departments activated in Zoho Support, you can capture your Page Posts as tickets in one of your chosen department.

To choose department, follow the steps mentioned below.

      1. In the Facebook settings page, check Capture "Page Posts" as Tickets ' option.
      2. In the following settings, you can choose to convert all posts in a page to a selected department.
      3. Alternatively, you can choose to capture only the posts in a page, matching your search keywords to the mapped department. Also specify a department from the drop-down if you want to capture posts in a page that do not match the keywords provided.

Actions under the Social Tab

You can view all the Facebook Posts under the Social tab in Zoho Support. If you have more than one Facebook Page, you can toggle between them from the left panel. Also you can post a reply or convert a post into a ticket if not done previously. If a post has been converted to ticket, click Show Ticket to view the same under the Tickets Tab.

You can also click a Facebook User, to display their recent posts on the right panel.

Adding Facebook User to a Contact

You can add a Facebook user to a contact in Zoho Support. This would help you to view the complete history of tickets received from the contact. Also you can support your customers via regular e-mail.

To add a Facebook user to a contact, follow the steps mentioned below:

      1. Click on a Contact from the [Contacts] list view under the Contacts Module
      2. Click Edit
      3. Click the icon next to the Facebook field
      4. Select a Facebook user from the list. Click Show More to view more users. You can also search for a user using the search box
      5. Click Add to associate a Facebook user to the contact
      6. Click Save in the edit contact page

You can find the Facebook URL of the user added to the Contact in Zoho Support.

Assigning Tickets from Facebook to Agents

You can automatically assign the tickets created from Facebook posts to agent by using Workflows in Zoho Support. To setup this Workflow, follow the steps mentioned below.

      1. Go to Setup –>> Automate –>> Workflows
      2. In the Workflows page, click New Rule
      3. In the New Workflow page, select the Module as Ticket and provide a name and description for the rule. Click Next
      4. Under the Execute On setting, check the Create option
      5. Under the Workflow Criteria setting, specify the criteria as “ Channel contains Facebook
      6. Under the Actions setting, click the ‘ + ’ sign next to Update Field option
      7. In the following page, provide a name and description for the assignment value
      8. Under Assignment value setting, choose Fields as Ticket Owner and provide the name of the agent you wish to assign tickets created from Facebook
      9. Save the Assignment Value
      10. Also click Save in the Workflow creation page

This workflow ensures that all the tickets created from Facebook are assigned to the agent.