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Data Sharing

Data sharing, the top-level permissions module in Zoho Support allows you to set the access levels for data within your helpdesk.

Key Features

  • By default all the modules have a Private option.
  • If the Organization-wide permission is set as Public Read/Write/Delete, everyone can access and update all the users’ data. Role Hierarchy will not be applied in this case.
  • If the Organization-wide permission is set as Read Only, everyone can only view the other users' records. In this case other users cannot modify the owner's records.
  • If the Organizational permission is set as Private, Role Hierarchy can be applied.
  • In the Import History, records that belong to you and your sub-ordinates (if any) will always be shown.
  • All the Attachments, Comments, Tasks and Time-entries belonging to a record are accessible, if you are able to view that record.

Types of Access Levels

You can provide the following types of access levels to users in Zoho Support modules:

  • Private: Only the record owner and his/her superior can view the record..
  • Public-Read-only : Users can view others' records but cannot modify and delete the records.
  • Public-Read/Write/Delete: Other users can view, modify and delete the records.


  • Currently, the organization-level data sharing model is implemented for the Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Tickets, Help Center, Contracts, and Products modules. It is not yet implemented for Chat, Social Community and Reports modules.

To manage default permissions for your helpdesk, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Permissions and then click Data Sharing
  3. In the Organization Default Permissions section, click Edit All Default Permissions
  4. In the Edit Organization Default Permissions page, update the following Access Privilege for modules:
    • Private
    • Public-Read Only
    • Public-Read/Write/Delete
  5. Click Save after updating access privileges for all the modules.