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Data Administration

Zoho Support data administration tools are a guide to the helpdesk administrator in creating and maintaining data integrity by way of implementing access controls across the databases.

The specific data administration procedures available within Zoho Support are explained below.

Reports & Dashboards

Access pre-built reports and customize your own dashboards and reports to slice and dice metrics that're critical for customer service success.
Reports| Dashboards

Import Data

New to Zoho Support! Import your heldesk data to start supporting your customers right away.
Import Checklist | Import Tickets | Import Contacts
Import Articles | Import Tasks | View Import History

Export Data

Export the data from your Zoho Support account.
Export Data


You can migrate data from your Zendesk account to Zoho Support, in just a few quick steps.
Migrate Data


Monitor and manage records you'd trashed in Zoho Support. Also restore trashed data from Recycle Bin when required.
Recycle Bin