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Customer Portal

The Customer Portal of Zoho Support plays an important role in helping customers resolve their issues by themselves. You can customize this portal according to your requirements and give your customers access to it. For example, you can customize the colors of the background, font and tabs of the customer portal in accordance with the colors used in your organization's Web site.

When customers access your portal, they can view solutions that you have shared in the portal, add tickets and see the status of the tickets sent by them, around the clock. This results in increased customer satisfaction and considerable reduction in your incoming support tickets. Administrators can add portal users, customize the customer-support portal and manage access permissions.

For Administrators

This section is for administrators. It includes links that give information about managing the customer portal, setting permissions and customizing the homepage of the customer portal.

Managing the Customer Portal

You can do the following to manage the customer-service portal:

Setting Permissions

You can set permissions and show or hide various options in the customer-service portal. These include:

Customizing the Homepage

You can complete the following tasks to customize the homepage of the customer portal:

Customizing the Colors

You can customize the colors of your customer facing self-service portal.

Customizing with HTML and CSS

Zoho Support offers extensive branding options for your customer portal. You can customize the web portal to meet your branding needs using HTML and custom CSS (cascading style sheets) code.

To learn more about HTML and CSS customizations, click here.

Insights from Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides valuable insights on visitor trends and behavior for your customer self-service portal.

To learn more about enabling Google Analytics, click here.

Inviting Customers

You can invite customers to the customer-service portal. In Zoho Support, we have provided you with an e-mail template to invite your customers. However, you can customize the customer-portal invitation e-mail before send it to your customers.

For Customers

This section is for customers. It provides details about how a customer can direct sign-up for customer portal besides links about using and customizing the portal.

Direct Sign-up for Customer Portal

Customers can direct sign-up for a customer self-service portal with their own e-mail address. To know more on the procedure for direct sign-up, click here.

Using the Customer-service Portal

When customers access the customer-support portal, they can do the following: