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Contacts are the people with whom the organization can communicate for an account. A single account can have multiple contact points. You can enter every minute details about the contact. Also, you can easy import your complete database of contacts into Zoho Support without the need to create the contacts one by one.

  1. How do I add a contact?
  2. Follow Contactsnew
  3. Associate products
  4. How can I edit a contact?
  5. View tickets sent by particular contact
  6. I want to delete an unwanted contact
  7. Sort Contacts
  8. Custom View Contacts
  9. I want to export contacts database
  10. Is there an option to search contacts?
  11. Is there an option to import database
  12. Mass Actions
  13. Recent Tickets display
  14. How can I add comments to contacts?
  15. How do I add a contact as portal user?
  16. How do I attach a file to a contact?