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Company Details

An organization can be located in a specific geographical region and have its branches all around the world. This influences how the operational hours, holidays, SLAs and business rules are calculated.

In Zoho Support, you can specify details about your organization. This can include information about the company like it's name, contact numbers, Web site URL, fax numbers, primary contact, address and locale. The table below gives you a list of fields that you will be required to fill while specifying the details of your company:

S.No. Field Description
1 Company Name Enter the name of your company
2 Employee Count Enter the number of employees
3 Phone Enter the official phone number of your company
4 Web site Enter the URL of your company's Web site
5 Primary Contact Select the name of the first person, from your company, who registered with Zoho Support
6 Alias Specify the alias name of the primary contact
7 Description Enter a description about your company
8 Mobile Enter the official mobile phone number of your company, if any
9 Fax Enter the fax number of your company
10 Street Specify the primary address of your company
11 State Specify the state in which your company is located
12 Country Specify the name of the country in which your company headquarters are located
13 City Specify the city in which your company is located
14 Zip Enter the postal code of the official postal address of your company
15 Currency Locale Select a country. The currency of this country will be displayed on your pricing page. Currently we do not support multiple currencies. You can only select one country.

Entering Company Details

To enter information about your company, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. In the Organization section, click Company
  3. Enter the company information. For more information about the fields in the form, refer to the table above.
  4. Click Save


  • Paid users must update credit-card details with those of the primary contact everytime the primary contact is changed. This will ensure that all payment-related information will be sent to the newly-assigned primary contact.