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App Integrations

Zoho CRM Integration

Import your accounts and contacts information from Zoho CRM into Zoho Support and keep them updated automatically.
ZSC Key | Configure | Import | View

Zoho BugTracker Integration

Submit a support ticket as bug from within Zoho Support. You can add bugs, collaborate over comments and track their status to closure.
Pre-requisites | Configure | File Bugs | Edit Mapping

Social Support

Associate your company's Facebook pages and Twitter account from within Zoho Support. Provide real-time support to your customers, before they get back with bigger problems.
Add Twitter Account | Add Tickets from Twitter | Emergency Escalation | Add Twitter User as Contact | Add Facebook Account | Add Tickets from Facebook | Add Facebook User as Contact

Twilio - Cloud Telephony

Twilio makes it incredibly easy for you to use the voice channel with your web apps. You can make and receive calls from within your browser besides, saving recurring EPABX expenses.
Pre-requisites | Configure | Add Phone & Agents | Set Status | Forward Calls | Receive Calls

Zoho PhoneBridge

Connect multiple PBX systems and execute inbound and outbound calls inside Zoho Support.
Configure | Install | Usage