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Developer API Guide

Zoho Support provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to all its partners, customers and developers. Using APIs, you can integrate Zoho Support modules with other Zoho services, third-party applications, portals or Web sites and customize them as required. You can extract Zoho Support data in XML or JSON format. Our APIs are available across all editions.

API Methods Available

Name Description
getrecords To get records from Zoho Support
getrecordsbyid To get records from Zoho Support by Case ID
searchrecords To search & get records from Zoho Support
addrecords To add records to Zoho Support
updaterecords To update records in Zoho Support
deleterecords To delete records from Zoho Support


  • You must have a valid user name and password to access the Zoho Support service
  • Only administrators can access all Zoho Support API's.
  • Developer environment/hosting server to integrate third-party application.
  • Internet connection to communicate with Zoho Support API.

API Usage Limits

The usage of API is limited by number of requests under different editions available in Zoho Support.

Zoho Support Edition API Requests - Upper Limit
Free 250 requests/day/organization

Min - 250 requests/day/user licence

Max - 5000 requests/day/organization whichever is lower


Min - 250 requests/day/user licence

Max - 15000 requests/day/organization whichever is lower

Important Notes:

  • The PST Time zone will be considered.
  • For example, in Free Edition if you use the getRecords method, you can fetch a maximum of 200 records per request, in turn, a total of 50,000 records per day (250 x 200 = 50,000 records).

Generate Auth Token

To generate the Auth Token, you need to send an authentication request to Zoho Accounts using the URL format below.

Important Notes:

The user must be a confirmed user, else while generating the Auth Token the user will receive an error - "ACCOUNT_REGISTRATION_NOT_CONFIRMED".

URL Format

API Mode: Support Username or Email ID&PASSWORD=Your Zoho Support Password

Browser Mode:

Parameters to be passed along with this URL are:

Parameter Description
EMAIL_ID Specify your Zoho Support Username or Email ID
scope Specify the value as ZohoSupport/supportapi
PASSWORD Specify your Zoho Support Password


  • If you are a Google Apps User, you can log into your Zoho Support account and then use the browser mode format to generate the Authentication Token.

Sample Response

#Wed Feb 29 03:07:33 PST 2012


  • The Auth Token can be used in all your API calls. You can also see the URL format under Setup > Channels > API.
  • You need to be logged into your Zoho Support account to use the Browser Mode. 

Manage Auth Tokens

You can view, delete and regenerate the Auth Token generated for your account from the 'My Zoho Account' Page.

  1. Log in to Zoho Support
  2. Open [Username] > My Zoho Account
  3. In the My Zoho Account page, click Active Authtokens
    In this page, you can also Remove or Regenerate Auth Tokens.


  • Removing an Auth Token will delete the token permanently.

Important Notes

  • The Auth Token is user-specific and is a permanent token.
  • On deletion, the existing token will be deleted permanently. The new token has to be replaced in all API calls.
  • The Auth Token of a user's account will become invalid if the user is deactivated.
  • We notify the Zoho Support administrator (Primary Contact of the Zoho Support account) if your organization exceeds the API limit.
  • In case, your application requires more than the upper limit, your additional API requests will not be processed. To avoid data transfer issues, please assess your API requirements well in advance. If you need any help, please contact our Support Team at