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Add Article

The Help Center module is an online knowledge base to contain solution articles for addressing various issues. You can group the solution articles under suitable custom sections for ease of reference. You can also import articles from an external resource.

To add a solution article, do the following:

  1. Click Help Center.
  2. In the Help Center module, click Add Article at the right hand top corner and provide the details as mentioned below:
    • Article Title (mandatory).
    • Enter the solution in the Answer section.
    • Choose a section in the Category field within which the article will be grouped. To learn more about creating sections, refer Create Sections.
    • Select Permission between Display to All Users or Only to Registered Users.
    • Select the Status as Draft or Reviewed or Duplicate or Publish.
      Please note that you can change the predefined value (read as Draft) to any desired values. Refer Pick List Values for more.
    • Article Owner will default to article creator. However you can assign the ownership to a different agent.
    • Add Attachments with this article if required.
  3. Click Submit or Submit and Add New.

If you already have knowledgebase articles in external resource, you can import them into the Help Center Module. Refer Import Articles for more.

P.S - For accounts created after February 2014, the Solutions module and the Add Solution tab were renamed as Help Center and Add Article respectively.