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When customers require a solution to problems they are facing or have queries about a service or a product provided they send tickets to the customer-support personnel related to that service or product. There are different modes of sending tickets to customer-support teams. For example, you can send a ticket using a Web form, using e-mail or over the telephone. Zoho Support provides options to log details of a ticket originating from any of the modes mentioned above.

Modes of Adding Tickets

You can create a new ticket using any of the following modes:

  • Sending e-mails with details of the ticket to the customer-support team. This e-mail is automatically converted into a new ticket in Zoho Support.
  • Call the agent and explain the nature of your ticket. The agent manually feeds the details into the ticket database through the Web-based New Ticket form available in the Ticket module.
  • Access the customer-support portal, fill up the New Ticket form and submit your ticket.
  • Create a Web-to-Ticket form and have it installed in your website to have your customer inputs created as tickets in Zoho Support.

To add a ticket follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in to ZohoSupport
  2. Click Add Ticket
  3. In the Add Ticket page, do the following:
    • Select template if you have already created a Ticket Template. The ticket form then displays pre-filled values. Just do required changes and click Save to create a ticket. If you have not created a template, continue with the below steps.
    • Select the department that you want to send the ticket to (if you'd configured a custom department).
    • Enter the name of the contact


      • If the contact exists, the Email and Phone fields are filled automatically when you select the contact. However, if the contact does not exist, enter the Email ID and the Phone number of the contact.
    • Enter an appropriate subject line related to the ticket
    • Enter a description about the ticket.
    • Select the status of the ticket
    • Enter the name of the product that is related to the ticket


      • If you have already created the product, it appears in the drop down as you type which you can select.You can click lookup-icon to look up and select a specific product. However, if you have not added the product, it is created automatically when you enter the name in the field provided.
    • Assign a owner for the ticket by selecting a support agent from the drop down list. For more information, see Agents.
    • Specify a due date and time by which the ticket should be resolved
    • Set a priority for the ticket and select the channel through which it was received
    • Select the category that the ticket belongs to. For example, Defects
    • Also choose the sub-category, if required. For example, Solutions
  • You can also add attachments related to the ticket.
    • You can add multiple attachments. Each attachment is limited to a max size of 20 MB.
    • Make attachments visible to customers or hide them from customers. Using the Display in customer self service portal checkbox, you can make an attachment visible to customers. You can uncheck this box to hide attachments from customers. Refer to the figure below.

    • In the Tickets Detail view, you can add multiple attachments using the Attachments tab. Each attachment is limited to a max size of 20 MB. You can show or hide attachments from customers, as required. Refer to the figure below.

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