Support Help

Add Records

You can use this method to add data into Zoho Support from third-party applications.

URL format to addrecords:



  • Replace MODULE with any one of this requests, solutions, accounts, contacts, contracts, products, tasks. Replace AUTHTOKEN, PORTALNAME, DEPARTMENTNAME, XMLDATA with your authtoken, portal name, department name and XML data respectively.

Request Parameters:

Parameters Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials
portal* String portal of your Zoho Support
department* String department of your Zoho Support
xml* string This is a XML string and the format should be same as how get records in XML format during your fetch API

Sample URL: & department=demodepartment&xml=XMLDATA

XMLDATA should be the following format :

<row no="1">
<fl val="Subject">Add Records Demo</fl>
<fl val="Contact Name">John</fl>
<fl val="Product Name">Customer Care</fl>
<fl val="Email"></fl>
<fl val="Phone">002200330044</fl>