Help Desk Reporting

Measure Customer Happiness.

What good is a customer service effort if you can't measure how well you're doing, right?

Ask customers a simple question and understand how they felt about interacting with you. Get qualitative and quantitative feedback to figure out where to improve. Show off your customer service awesomeness. Learn More

To each, his own Metrics.

Although we've packed in a handful of basic reports, nobody else can understand your specific needs like you do. Fully customizable reports come in handy when you have your own bucket-list of metrics to track. Be a customer service geek. Obsess over metrics and use them to your advantage.

Hello, here's your Daily Report.

When you have several reports to look at, it's such an effort to navigate to each of them every single day. Phew! We agree! But why care about that when you can schedule reports to be sent to you automatically everyday. That's the kind of convenience that smart software brings along.

Visualize Data. Understand Better.

Sometimes, insights are best ingested when presented visually. Customizable visual dashboards make it easy for you to pick-up insights and decide based on them. Dashboards are easy to setup and customize, just like reports.

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