How to get my API Key aka Key Secret?

Key ID and API Key are used as security credentials for authenticating the user. In simple words, they are used to prevent your account from being abused. We strongly advise not to share your Key ID and API Key to anyone.

To get your API Key,

The API Key aka Key Secret will be displayed only once when you first generate your Api Keys. So, it cannot be retrieved unless you saved them.

If you didn’t save your API Key, then the only way left is to regenerate the Api Keys by clicking on the Regenerate Live Key button under the Api Keys tab and the API key and Key ID (Key Secret) will be displayed on a popup. If you regenerate your Api Keys make sure to use the newly generated Key ID and API Key while integrating with Zoho Subscriptions.

So, with that said, if you haven’t generated the API Keys yet, click on the Generate Live Key under button under API Keys tab at the bottom-left of the dashboard to get your Key ID and API Key (Key Secret).

Note: It is advised to save your API Key and Key ID (Key Secret) by downloading them because Key ID will not be displayed again anywhere inside the Razorpay account.

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